Monday, February 20, 2017

Movie Date

Was invited for the preview and yay free movie! Haven't watched in an actual movie theater in awhile now so that's a yay. Nay because Monday evening. And 6.50pm. Little wonder there were many people who were late.

Bf was my +1 while Elin was there w zm.

I loved both the books but the movie was about the first book only. I wonder if they would still make the second book into a movie after all that saga?

Anyway I enjoyed it. Laugh and cry and laugh and cry. 😂 Go home and hug Mango more.

Quite a big screening theater. 

Chirashi don set ($25)
Went to Sushi Kanazawa after the movie to try our luck to see if they were still open. Yay they were! So we tried their ala carte instead of the usual omakase.

And boy was it good. And expensive. Wth. 😅
Salmon ($16) and kajiki ($18) sashimi
 Very nice but oh bleeding wallet. Thanks bf! 🙆😘

Salmon belly mentai aburi nigiri ($9) x 2, amaebi mentai aburi nigiri ($8) x 2, tamago nigiri ($3) x 2
Our favourites from the omakase buffet. Plus the sashimi. Haha bf still asked if we should order more salmon belly. But er... Too full by the time we finished everything!!! 

Took the train home tgt (wah when was the last time we did that??). Had a totally nice evening out even though it's a (quite shitty) Monday 😌

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