Monday, January 02, 2017

2nd Jan

I really should buy the new lens for my Fujifilm. My hand keeps reaching for the Nikon instinctively. Tsk. But look at the picture! 😘
So happy ah.
Picnic at Marina Barrage w bf, sis, bro n pw on the 2nd day of the year. 

Brought Mango, Cobie and even Thierry. 

Couldn't get the kite up though. No wind. Got a little drizzled on, but all was well and fun. 😂

Not happy. At all.

Cards Against Humanity in public... 😂

Lunch at The Garden Slug 😍
We actually ate here with the same set of ppl (sis left after the picnic) & dogs last year on the same date. This year we had additional Thierry 😂

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