Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tomyum beehoon lunch at work

"Cook at work" lunch! 

Everything except the jars and corn (brought from home) bought ntuc for a total of $10.80?? 

That's like only... $1.50-2/meal 😍

Simple fare.
Beehoon, Crabstick, hotdogs, Fishball, frozen sweet corn and tomyum paste

Beehoon cooked once (1min on high) and pour the water away.

Put paste as desired.

Add crabstick, hotdog, fishball and corn.

Add hot water till almost full

Microwave another 2 mins on high.



Actually you can pack this to work for lunch if u rearrange the ingredients, with paste first, then ingredients with noodles last on top to keep the noodles dry and not absorb the paste yet. 

Store it in the fridge! 

Then add boiling water when you're ready to eat. But I highly suggest microwaving it for it to be piping hot. So make sure your container is microwave safe. ✌

Tomyum beehoon goodness

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