Sunday, September 11, 2016

Singapore Toy Game Comic Convention

Aim of the day. 

While people went to MBS area this weekend for Ultra or Savour, we went there for toys #geek 

Went there with bf, bro n pw. 😊😊😊

Tiny Be@rbricks! So many of them Haha. But my Hello Kitty ones are not ready to collect yet 😞

First order of the day: Mighty Jaxx 😍
Got the 3 tokidoki x mighty Jaxx editions but only the unicorno was available. The other 2 are preorders. Lucky there's free delivery 😊

Also got the gummi bear with black skeleton, pink balloon dog and metallic pink balloon dog. 😍😍😍😍

Oh and we managed to get the creator (Jason Freeny) to autograph the back of the gummi bear! Much awesome

Total loot. We must be mad. 
Bf paid for everything! Total damage: ~$750? 😱😱😱😱 

We better have enough display cabinets next time 😅😅😅

Bf damn funny. He went to withdraw money for the firefighter series then when he came back to meet me, he was carrying that and another bag with the dbz vegeta and a hk chogokin. Really #buyeverything 

And and! He said the other 2 hk chogokin.... He bought alr. Not shipped to sg yet 😍😍😍😍 so much love 😘😘😘 

I might need a whole cabinet to display hk stuff lol. 

Also bought 3 blind boxes of unicorno from the tokidoki booth. Got the one I wanted!!

Lunch at Sushiro.
Trying to think of a place to eat in sg is getting.... Very limited. Couldn't decide what to eat for dinner ytd (had steamboat and bingsu with sis Bro n pw), couldn't decide what to eat for lunch today. 🙄🙄

Thank goodness bf came up with this 😞😞 didn't even realise how hungry I was until we sat down 😅

Aburi salmon mentai and aburi tamago mentai. 
Lunch was awesome. 

Went home to crash then woke up for dinner at home.

Going to meet some dog-friends (literally friends with dogs) tmr and decided last min to make some banana muffins (too many bananas at home) as contribution to the picnic 😅😅😅 

Watched anime (omg cliffhanger) then headed to ntuc w bf, bro n pw. But not before having some Ice cream. #thefatlifechoseme 😂

Ice cream from 21 Cube.
And here are my banana muffins. 
Made 15, ate one w mum, bro n pw. Taste test 🙊 

So now we have 14. Hahahahahha I wonder how many should I bring and if we'll have any leftover. 😅😅😅 maybe should make more tmr. 

But I wanna watch anime tmr after coming home 🙊

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