Monday, September 12, 2016

Marina Barrage

Happy boy at Marina Barrage today. He was so excited during the car ride, he kept whining. I thought he needed to poop/pee cos he ever whined in the car cos of that, but noooooo. Just too excited 😒 

Whined from home to Eu's place to pick her, Echo and Nugget. Whined from her place to bf's to pick him and Cobie. Whined from bf's to xy's to pick her and Crystal from across the road from his place. Each time, I'd bring him down and walk around to get him to poop/pee but....NOTHING.

Ended up walking around xy's void deck in the rain with everyone out of the car to wait for him 😒. But still NOTHING. 

Reached Barrage and yay no rain! Then it rained. And stopped. And rained. 😒 and stopped. Stop toying with us, sky. 

Made some banana muffins at the last min ytd cos I had no contribution to the picnic lol 

V asked me to confirm only on sat. 😅😅😅😅 

Mango had so much fun sprinting around! So rare 😅😅😅

He kept wanting to play with Dakdak! So amazing. Super cute.

And look at Mango's butt fur. Omg this is getting out of hand.

Hunter, Cody, Crystal, Cobie, Mango, Echo, Nugget.
Only managed to get this picture because the passing shower stopped and everyone was still hiding under the shelter. 

Friends stick together 😍
Like literally 'stick' together 😅😅

Mango's 6th Birthday this month... Have to think of a cake soon? 😅😅😅 hopefully it won't turn out purple like last year 🙊

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