Saturday, September 17, 2016

F1! 🏁

Went to the b2k sale at the very last min today after I sent Grandpa to the Cc for his meeting. Picked bf and Cobie up, then off we went for the sale! Sorry Mango, didn't bring you along 😱😱😱 

Hauled like $88 worth of treats for both the dogs and cats. And milk for Thierry. 😂 goodbye money, it was nice having you.

Then after a short nap at home (okay not very short. I think I slept most of the afternoon), sent bf home, came back to shower and off to meet Sis at Raffles City! 

Apparently I have a favorite color 🙊 other than teal, I guess it's maroon/wine.

Had Sushi Tei for dinner. Sis said "we shouldn't go overboard with the orders again this time" please. Don't know who's the one who over-ordered. Bill came up to $80+ again 😒😒😒😒 

Chanced upon this wooden figurine shop on the same floor... Mistake!!! Ended up buying handmade leather keychains 😅😅😅😅 $28 each! But oh so cute. Didn't get the pom though. Sheltie for me, husky for bf. Sis bought like 3 cats. Who really looked like our 3, but so expensive!!!!

First time watching it, ever. I don't even follow it on TV, but I guess the atmosphere was really good? Needed a crash course on the workings of F1 and sis was like "can you please don't say 'crash course'?!" but eh.... Then what?

Actually more like going to F1 for the concert 🙊 hello Bastille!!! The sound system was really 👍👍💯 and the screens were really huge. Plus the videographer was really good at catching the right angles? I sound so technical 😂 but that's the truth. The lead singer's voice was really good too! Sorry I'm not crazy enough about them to know everything 😅😅

Then it was on to our seats!

Oh sis tried to find the Raikonnen shirt but sold out!! She was quite sad. But $80 (there were others going for $130) for a top.... Madness.

Our view was really good! Right in front of the screen. Clear commentary. Sis was telling me about the msia tracks and differences etc. Oh and a car crashed into the barricades after passing us on one of the qualifiers. Visible from our seats! 😱 lucky it wasn't very serious


Queen + Adam Lambert after the qualifiers.

We couldn't event get into the fanzone/concert area. Stood so far from the stage but okay la, it was pretty good. Amazed by how old the Queen members are and still going strong. Brian May and Roger Taylor 👍👍💯

Adam Lambert though... Was a little too much. He sounded so chirpy that I think he fits in those children TV shows like Hi5? Cannot take it

Like sis said.... "Why is he so campy now?"
Brian May! 
His guitar solo 😍😍 also, he sang a solo (omg cannot rmb title. Will check with sis). 👍👍👍

Roger Taylor also did a solo! They are amazingggggg.

I wonder what I'd be doing at their age lolol.

Overall, this was one fun experience. Esp with sis next to me trying to explain the racing jargon 😂😂😂

Dozer and Mango!
Anyway, my keychains!!!

Super cute and actually look like Dozer and Mango. My heart cannot take it. Now to actually use it........

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