Friday, September 30, 2016

Day 2

Went to visit Muffin again today. Had to take a bus to the vet lol. Lucky I stopped at the right stop. 

Anyway, they said they did the Royal Flush today cos she didn't poop much from the drip (through her nose). And even with that, not all the poop is out. #okaycan 

So continue the drip for another night to ease the rest of the poop out first.

She really really wanted to scratch her face/neck. Imagine how uncomfortable she must be 😭😭😭

Oh ya the liver enzymes thing, they said should be constipation cause cos... Her poop really a lot. Thus the liver enzyme level elevation.

That cast looking thing on her paw... Is longer than her paw itself. So she can't walk properly. But it's where the IV fluids needle is at. So can't remove. Also has a painkiller patch on her back leg.

The white cloths on her head holding the tube... On closer inspection, has stitches. Attached to her head. Omg my poor thing cat. 😭😭😭😭

"I hate you mum"

Yes yes. I know.

Asked the nurse about her before/After weight... And she was like "hmmm we weighed her this morning but not after the procedure. Let's weigh her now" 😂

Before: 5.7kg

After: 5.2kg

My cat is 10% poop. Or maybe more cos not completely out.

Chin scratches.
Didn't know how to hold her with all those tubes, so I just stuck my hand in and petted/scratched/rubbed her lol.

Oh and there were 2 rabbits in another cubicle called.... "Char shao" and "Shao rou". Char Siew and roast/crackling pork. #okaycan 😂😂😂😂

Her "bed".
They said I might be able to bring her home tmr. Hopefully!!! 

Oh nurse wanted to feed her, so she opened a can of prescription canned food for sensitive digestion cats (is this even the right term?) then Muffin sat up in her cubicle. Could see she was excited about the opening of a can.

Jeng jeng jeng.

When it was offered to her.... I could imagine her disdain. She refused to eat it. 😂😂😂😂 but seriously what kind of sensitive diet has grain in it? 

Will probably research and change her diet on my own. 

Took a bus back to amkhub to do a grocery run for some stuff, and to check out the AAS regarding the international driving license. Woot. They take your pic for free! Yay! Don't have pay to get some pics now woot.

Bought glass containers and a magnetic holder for my markers from tokutokuya. Hehehe quite cute eh.

For all the overnight oats and yogurt 🙆🙆🙆

Then off it was to ntuc. Then home.

And there's work tmr. At 7.30am. Wtf kill me. Bye

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