Sunday, August 21, 2016


When Bro, pw and I got out of the house just to catch this Venusaur (cos they saw it in the "nearby" pokemons).... 我们走火入魔了 😂😂😂 

And we walked home straight after.

Japanese Garden ytd w bf, my Bro n pw. To catch Growlithes. 😅😅😅😅 brought the dogs along for a walk though I think Cobie got sick of walking halfway through 😂😂😂 

And people going "eh here got real life Growlithe!" when they saw Mango 😂😂😂

Dinner at W39 after our "hunt". I even went prepared! Had shoes, sunblock and mosquito repellent 😂😂😂 was a pretty fruitful hunt 😂😂😂 quite funny to see people moving in droves. U can tell they were there for Growlithes 😂 

Oh and Chinese / Japanese Garden closes at 7pm 😮 this I didn't know.

Dinner! Everything was pretty good. My pasta was too large a serving, couldn't finish 😱😱😱😱

Hello tiny puff

Waffles and ice cream. Milo crunch and yuzu ginger? 😅 it was not bad though!

Messy breakfast this morning. Sis suddenly came into the room and asked if we wanted breakfast. 😂 so.... Breakfast lor!

Met Vian at PP to bathe Cody and Mango 😅 house too dusty and too many ppl to wash Mango anyway. Supposed to go to Sentosa but it rained, plus there's some oil spill going on. 😠 damn sian. 

Vian was damn nice to help blow dry Mango!!! Damn 👍👍👍👍

Mango posing before he realises that he's there for a bath 😅😅😅

Spent about 5ish hours at Pp? #achievementunlocked lol thank goodness for free parking too 🙆

Cookie, Cody, Crystal and Mango.
Hahaha booked Elin a Grabcar at the last min to pick her up to Pp 😂😂😂 think I gave her a scare. Lucky she was almost ready to leave the house 😂😂😂 that was quite funny. 

The dogs had quite a lot of fun but Mango seriously needs to learn how to play properly. 

Laughed quite a lot with those 3 girls 😂😂 I prefer this setting to the normal seating area by SO SO MUCH. I wonder if we can just go there straight next time. 🤔

Impromptu Creamier outing with Mum Sis Bro n Pw. 😍 Thus ends my day when Bf has duty. 😅😅😅

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