Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Random day on a PH

Did my first subcut on Thierry ytd night. Omg. I sat there and wasted so many alcohol swabs because I didn't know where to poke. 😅😅😅😅 let's try this again in 2 days more. Thank goodness Bro helped to pat him

This morning's situation in bed. 😂 I was trying to watch Doctors then these 2 attention seeking cats squeezed onto my lap. 

Bf playing game and don't wanna take pic with me 😠😠

Sushiro for dinner w bf and my Bro and pw! Dabao took like 10 mins. I wonder how long the queue might take...with more than 15 ppl before us. 😅😅😅 lucky we could just head home after buying to eat.

Haha banana choc cake from Secret Recipe. On our 1st month. 😂 I think we went to J8 to collect our couple rings. (edit: actually I think it was to *buy* our couple rings 😂) Omg. 10 years 1 month now!

"Give us the salmon and nobody gets hurt" 

Dinner time. 

Cat/cat/cat/dog/dog 😂

Why aren't there any pokemon nearby?!?! 😦😦😦

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