Saturday, July 16, 2016

Me Before You // Picnic

Breakfast in bed with a movie with this morning. Asked bf to dabao beehoon with the vegetarian goose or luncheon meat for me and he got me both!! Yezzzz. 

Me Before You was okay only. Thought the movie was too... Rushed and condensed. Some parts weren't explained properly. The book was way better. 

Bf's takeaway from the movie was: she left her bf of 7 years to be with a guy who dies in the end? Orbigood. 😂😂😂 men.

When making the bed, bf tried to rotate my comforter but I said the lines were vertical. He adjusted the pillows cos "the lines have to be vertical too 😠" 😂 wth

Picnic without much prep 😅😅😅 wanted to buy kaisendon from Teppei/hanare at Tanjong Pagar but I think they don't open so early. Forgot till we left home and was on the way. Wanted to go to Uogashi instead but bf suggested Garden Slug.... But when we were turning into the carpark, we saw a place selling donburi across the road. So we went there instead 😂😂 

I had teriyaki chicken don and he had spicy chicken don (Korean Style). It was okay. The stall nearby was selling durians!!! I want 😭😭

My handsome bugger

Fluffy cloud


Such... Furry ears


The view. I really like this place but... There were mosquitoes and ants 😞😞😞 waited till the sun almost set then we went home.

Oh and I played on the swing there! From a tree! Such fun. Bf actually asked if i don't wanna swing more, he'll wait for me 😊😊 so sweet. 😘

Confetti. People should seriously consider using paper confetti if going to use it outdoors for shoots. BECAUSE NOBODY'S GOING TO PICK THEM UP. Either use biodegradable ones or pick them up or DON'T USE. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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