Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Off day with bf! 💕

We both took off today to celebrate our belated 10th anniversary from last week. He had a meeting he couldn't postpone, and I had an upcoming test that was done yesterday! 🙆

He bought these tickets long ago for me! So loved. Hehe. Did you know that the #RobotK figurine has to be bought separately from your entrance tickets?!? Madness.

There happened to be a limited edition version available from the 11h of June, but we only went today, 14th June.

Was still thinking if we should just wait till today and try our luck...

Bf sent me the Carousell link he found and omg he went to deal on Sunday! 😍😍😍😍😍 chop chop decision maker

Tadahhhhh! I sound like a kid but I love collectibles. Especially limited edition or exclusives. 😅😅😅😅

Black Robot K with my Quolomo x Hello Kitty from 2008! Also from bf 😘

Quolomo x Hello Kitty x Kubrick 😍

Action City is having a blind draw for the Be@rbrick Hello Kitty in white and gold, at 100%, 400% and 1000%. I tried my luck with the 100% and 400%, and got the news for them both 100% ytd! So I bought them, obviously. About $32-35 each, for the 100%.

The gold one. Not as nice, but I want them as a pair! Bf said he saw people selling the 100% on Carousell for $100+... 😐😐😐😐 too much.

Please don't let me win the 400% blind draw tyvm. Really take all my money 😱😱😱😱

So we went today to collect the regular white kitties and play the games to get some accessories to dress them up. Koins are mad difficult to earn.

We couldn't even get 200 koins after our first try! Bf sponsored to play another 2x each to hit minimum 650 koins per Kitty (there's an RFID chip inside to store koins from each station), to exchange for the highest tier item. I wanted the rose gold helmet/wings lol. They're pretty! Stop judging me 😅

Lunch at a Korean restaurant! It was pretty good actually. I think the soy marinade was better than the spicy one though. Noodles were good! And the pasta salad was nice. Oh the barley tea? Was very very nice.

Nekkid Robot Ks! Haha they're actually already quite cute like that.

Look what we won after 3 rounds each! The accessory from each tier is randomised using a computer after selection of tier. Got both the rose gold wings from tier 3 and enough leftover to get a rainbow bow from tier 1 😂

Bf went to check Carousell (I think it's his fav app, second to his game) to see if anyone is selling the rose gold helmet or willing to trade, and.... Found that there were people selling the wings for $350, each. What.the.hell?!? Madness.

Rose gold wings

But!!! Nobody's selling the rose gold helmet!!! I shall wait till the event ends this weekend and check again. I don't believe I can't get the damn helmet.

Anybody wanna trade?

Headed to Sentosa after Suntec to go to Underwater World! $9 entry tickets. Veryyyyyyy crowded! It's like a smaller scale SEA Aquarium, but this is the original SEA Aquarium! Haha.

Long queue for the tickets, but it was a pretty fast queue? I do think there's a lack of staff inside the aquarium itself though. Exhibits that you can touch..... People literally just touch/grab the fishes. Bit sad for the amount of stress and dirt they are coming into contact with.

There were these mini pockets sticking out of the tank where the parrot fish can swim out on their own. I suppose it's for feeding? But no more sale of fish food. Sold out everywhere. Bf managed to lure them out a couple of times. Lol. Damn cute

The crowd. 'Nuff said.
Hi Nemo!!!
Stingray 😂😂😂😂
Their movements are so mesmerising. Could watch them for hoursssss

Went to Geylang Serai for dinner! Eh the bazaar this year is so disappointing though. All the fad food, and not much of the traditional stuff. Even our regular (we eat from this stall every year) Ramly burger wasn't as good as last time.

Shared a spicy chicken steak but it wasn't nice. Not hot (as in temperature) and not very spicy/well marinated.

Looks a mess but er it's Potato Cheese? Taiwan style. Been wanting to try this when we were in tw but didn't cos bf doesn't really like cheese then to go there and discover the cheese is the type he don't eat...bit waste time/effort la. So we went to take a look at this. Looks like they use Nacho cheese? Got the potato cheese with ham and corn. Bf approved! He even said it was nice. Hahahaha #achievementunlocked

Didn't eat much of anything else though.

Also, brought Mango out to the park this morning cos we couldn't go anywhere last weekend as I was studying. Ran around a little then he decided to lie in the shade and not come out 🙄

All in all, awesome day! Maybe I should take more off days for days like these. 😂

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