Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Toys from bf

 Blur photo but bf found someone to trade the rose gold wings for the rose gold helmet ytd and we went to trade! Yippee! 😊😊😊

Came home to set up then shoot some kitties. I can't believe it, but everything on the table, bf got for me. So much love!

2 Robot Ks with 1 SG Limited edition black kitty with rose gold helmet and rose gold wings. 😍 #hellokitty #robotk

Robot K, Hello Kitty x DrX Anatomy Version, Quolomo x Hello Kitty x Kubrick Limited Edition, Sg Limited Robot K, Robot K.

People might think I'm crazy, but these are better than the Kitty soft toys, definitely.

From 2008. 😍 body changing color alr hahaha but it's okay.

Creepy but oh-so-cute at the same time. <3


Can't believe we (Mian + Fiona + Me) went for this Lebert Bootcamp trial thing after work. Lol it's like HIIT for a whole hour wth. I feel like death now. Omg. Halp

Made Prima laksa with prawns for dinner after getting home plus simultaneously made food for the pets. Lol #wifematerial? 😂

Mum's away for work till Mon, so.... Need to keep the house clean while she's gone 😱😱😱😅😅😅 #willtry

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