Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fathers' Day

Selfie in the car ytd before we went to pick bf & Cobie up! Haha happy dog is happy to get out of the house.

Whale whale whale.. Look what we've got here. 😅

Evenly spaced pigeons. Hahahaha sis' favourite. And it's always only those few lampposts along that traffic junction.

Had hdl! Finally!!! After my many many tries to queue with no success. Had Fathers' Day lunch with his family. I get what the hype is about now 😂 the food was good! 

Also, cheaper in a larger group I guess? About $35/pax compared to the $50 everyone keeps telling me about 😅

Happy Fathers' Day to daddy and grandpa! 😘

Suckling pig from Swatow. 2 portions on this plate. Each portion about $30? But I think it's quite worth it compared to getting a whole pig. Stuffed for the day 😱😱😱😱

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