Friday, June 10, 2016

Custom Pet Paintings

So the paintings arrived! So blessed to have people willing to help me out to get these babies into my hands.

Dozer looking pretty good.
B500/painting for the realistic ones. Didn't get the cartoon ones this time round. Maybe next time? Hahaha. Those are B400 or B450 for the cartoons.

Muffin is superrrrrr round. Guess he did get it right. 😂😂😂😂

Snowball's super duper cute pls.

Quite disappointed with Thierry's though. Makes me question myself if what we see him as vs what other people see him as is different. Because it's not the first time someone got a custom item of him done a little differently than expected. 😅😅😅😅


Let me tell you the long story of how these came about. 

Long long ago in March, I spotted these in a shop at Chatuchak. But it takes 2 hours to be done. And we were leaving. Eunice didn't wanna wait. 😞 so I took a snapshot of the shop and left. Came back to sg and tried finding the shop on fb. Yay! Found! Next up, see who's going.

So N was going to go in May for the PetExpoTH, and interested to order too! Yay! So order tgt. But there were some communication problems with the artist. Also, delivery was a problem, she couldn't lug hers (quite a few) + my 7 back. And the delivery dates were clashing, so there was also the problem with finding a post office. And actually mailing stuff out when there's a communication breakdown. #goodjob #whatdidwegetourselvesinto

So I thought maybe I could ask the lady (Nac) I ordered the dog tags from in Bkk for help. And yay! She's super nice and agreed to help!

So N collected her paintings and paid for everything first. Nac collected mine a few days later and mailed them back to me for about S$30? Including box and registered mail. 

So lucky to have them both helping me out.... So..... who's going to Bangkok again? 😂

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