Monday, May 23, 2016


One of the worst nightmares this morning/ytd night. Woke up super tired and a little teary. Wtf. Anyway couldn't remember the entire nightmare but just snippets of it....

There were 2 low level buildings for events. Was at building 1's roof for some flea? Then helped an old Dr from my dept to somewhere (he was lost) then had to bring him to building 2. While I knew I was BEING CHASED TO BE MURDERED YO! Dedication to work much 😒

Then I heard that killer was going after Cobie and me so I was carrying her and running/hiding between both buildings. Fml I hate nightmares where someone is trying to kill me wth damn tiring you know?!

So anyway I realised I didn't have my phone w me and managed to borrow from someone and called bf. (Apparently we came to the event tgt wth where was he)

Guess what he said?!

"I couldn't get through your phone so I thought you left alr. I'm at the bus stop now"



Anyway we managed to get to the bus stop then boarded a double decker with help from bf. While we were on the top deck and waiting for bus to leave..... The killer appeared at the stairs. Fml lor? Only 1 exit. And he was a big guy with curly hair (ya v weird image but wth brain?!). Then I kind of woke up in shock. Thanks ah. Right when I thought my fate was sealed 😂😂😂

What if he manages to kill me in the dream?! Will I die?!?! 😱😱😱😱

Seriously wth brain.

Now I'm so damn tired I want to die. Wth is this.

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