Monday, March 28, 2016

PetExpo Day 3

Went back to Pet Expo again ytd with bf and sis, with Mango and Cobie in tow. 😂 there were really a lot lesser people even though we reached at 11. 

Realised that actually, it's half the size this year? Rmb it was 2 halls last 2 times? This time round, only 1 hall. How odd. No wonder we didn't have much to buy.

Bought all these in the end and headed to The Body Shop sale but not much to buy. Bought some body sponge scrub thing that looks like toys 😂

Then to Garden Slug for lunch. 

My Chicken burger was too dry but the rest were good. I like the rib eye steak burger. Bf's roti Johnson was good too. The Nutella banana mush was niceeeee. 

Went to Sun Pet to buy dog food and ended up buying more cat treats 😂 Thierry living the good life.

Maid changed the bedsheets. I got out of the shower to find this. 😂

She didn't even bother to wake up when I took pics.

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