Monday, March 28, 2016

PetExpo Day 3

Went back to Pet Expo again ytd with bf and sis, with Mango and Cobie in tow. 😂 there were really a lot lesser people even though we reached at 11. 

Realised that actually, it's half the size this year? Rmb it was 2 halls last 2 times? This time round, only 1 hall. How odd. No wonder we didn't have much to buy.

Bought all these in the end and headed to The Body Shop sale but not much to buy. Bought some body sponge scrub thing that looks like toys 😂

Then to Garden Slug for lunch. 

My Chicken burger was too dry but the rest were good. I like the rib eye steak burger. Bf's roti Johnson was good too. The Nutella banana mush was niceeeee. 

Went to Sun Pet to buy dog food and ended up buying more cat treats 😂 Thierry living the good life.

Maid changed the bedsheets. I got out of the shower to find this. 😂

She didn't even bother to wake up when I took pics.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

New Bike

Say hi to bf's new gf 😱😱😱


Saturday, March 26, 2016

PetExpo Day 1

Headed to PetExpo today (ytd?) with Sis and a bunch of friends. Bf was supposed to go but had a bit of miscomm, so... 😞 anyway, went there early to get a good parking lot (as near to the entrance as possible). We met a mother daughter pair who were frankly, uncivilised. We found a lot very much near the entrance but this girl ran and stood in the lot, with her mum yelling that she will drive the car over. While we were reversing into the lot. Good job. Is this how you raise kids these days?!

Anyway the mum had her car parked super far away (because the larger parking space was on the other end of the halls). Imagine a P shaped carpark with the tail end of the P being closest to the entrance and the lots along the tail are in a row only, while the top of the P has like many many many lots. Sis started reversing then the girl (about 14-15yo?) refused to move. People from the next next car were telling the girl to move and asked us to just park. So we kept going.

I really don't think that woman was right to ask her daughter to stand in the lot anyway. It's obviously going to be a crowded day, and she already has a lot somewhere. Not right to stand in a lot when we don't even have one. So... We kept going.... And girl got out and grudgingly let us park. Woman started yelling at us about karma. #okaycan. I think Karma will get her first with attitude like that. And they were also going to PetExpo. Disgraceful owners. Pui

After the parking fiasco, we went to meet some friends and had breakfast. Got chased out of the outdoor seating BK while another table with a poodle wasn't. Just because our dogs were bigger. Good job ah good job. _|_

So we moved to the food court. 😒😒😒 nothing exciting though Mango was very panicky when sis held on to him while I went in to get food. 😒😒 #velcrodog

Went to queue for tickets and the frenzy began

Our loot. Though technically we only bought 6 items. These are mostly goodie bags. And 80% cat stuff 😂😂😂 sis even bought the cat tree!!! $168 after 40% off! $15 delivery and they delivered within 6 hours 😍 very efficient

I hope they get used to this. More stable space to sleep on, but requires skill to get on/off.

Spaceman! $12. Hk based dog toy designer. Hahaha sis was so tempted but she resisted. Then she msged me after she left to go back to take a look again. It was this or the 僵尸 design. Aaaand. They only had 3 left for spaceman. Of course I bought it! 😂 and they are sold out for this now

What we actually bought. 😂 bottom left: Fuzzyard bowl. $20.30 after discount! Usually around $29? They actually couldn't find stock for this design and I settled for another one, then when we were making payment, the staff ran to the counter cos she found it!!! Major happy.

Salmon treats: 5 for $21. Mum buys them for about $7 usually. All the cats and Mango love it. So... Buy!

Kibbles are normally about $75 for the 11lbs bag (from Nekojam), but the supplier was selling at buy 1 free 1 at $89. I actually picked another bag at 1 12lbs bag for $75 but saw this while making payment. Was contemplating buying 2 bags when I saw a lady next to me looking at cat kibbles 😂 so I asked if she wanted to share. Each 1 bag 😂😂😂 #soauntie

Wooga bites (dog treats) at far right are going for 4 for $49. Got 3 and friend took 1. Their venison and lamb versions are more...value for money if u use this promo. 😂

Spent a total of $315.30. Though sis paid for the cat tree and the salmon treats 😂 #notbad

Sis is even thinking of going again on Sunday so we can buy more dog stuff cos... Today's was 80% cat stuff. Even the goodie bags were mostly for cats.

Monday, March 14, 2016


👩 "What kind of shower do u like? Rainshower, normal kind, etc. Type of tap? Tank/instant/gas heater?"
👨 "The kind u turn on the tap then warm water comes out"
👩 "😒😒😒😒"


Sunday, March 13, 2016


Road trip to see Dozer w bf. Kept being constantly annoyed cos of my knee pain. The bruise above my right knee isn't the only thing that I injured, apparently. My knee itself hurt like a bitch on the jam there and back. Approximately 2 hours each way. 😠😠😠😠 pain as hell. Ugh. Things got better after dinner though. But the drive home... 😭😭😭😭 

Kinda limped my way through the day. I can forsee a tkr in the future alr.

Received tiny Dozer from J too! Hehe super cute. Can't wait for Mango to arrive! Even brought tiny Dozer to meet big Dozer! Lucky he didn't eat tiny Dozer 😅😅😅

Saturday, March 12, 2016


3rd yoga class for me ytd, 4th for them. Cos I missed one last week. So much stretching done. My left hip/thigh is aching today 😞😞😞

Friday, March 04, 2016


"Should I invite them to our wedding?"
"If you invite them, do you have to invite her?"
"I think so... Have to ba"
"Well, either don't invite her or don't invite the entire group" 

I'm dead serious.


"Should I invite them to our wedding?"
"If you invite them, do you have to invite her?"
"I think so... Have to ba"
"Well, either don't invite her or don't invite the entire group"