Tuesday, January 05, 2016


So I got my hair trimmed ytd (it's past 12mn). Haha it's shorter, but still the same. Nobody would notice I think. But my fringe is shorter, hair length is shorter too. And the stylist curled my hair with the straightener. Makes me wanna perm my hair even more. 😰😰😰

Anyway, one off the to-do list.

Tmr to change $, buy some toiletries, and see what else I'd need. Thinking if I can squeeze in a quick run to Sun Pet to restock on some cat litter on Thurs.

Between the MyRepublic installation and having to get to our departure point.

Must remember to charge all devices too. What bag to bring? What stuff to pack? How many cameras?! 😱😱😱 should I even bring the instax along?? Omg this is why I end up overpacking every bloody time.

Okay goodnight

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