Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Mad Rushing

Time check: 8am

Today's a mad rush after work and I hope I get everything cleared today lol.

5pm Dental scaling and polishing
6pm get to ntuc
645pm get out of ntuc with meat veg liver for Mango's food, toiletries for me.
7pm wait for Ikea delivery and pray they didn't come between 6-7pm lol. Since it's 6-10pm delivery.
7-10pm somehow... Cook Mango's food to freeze.

I feel like some kind of superwoman already

Must rmb to run out to get cat litter tmr while waiting for the new modem installation. 😰😰😰😰


Time check: 1045pm. 

Not bad. 

Got my teeth scaled and polished at 5pm, done by 530. This means my teeth are relatively clean, right? 😂 

Sis was a lifesaver. She picked me up and we headed straight for ntuc to pick up the meats and toiletries like a boss. Got home by 645. 

Ikea guy called at 645 to tell me that he'll reach in 30 mins. Yesssss. Came on time. #notbad. 

Ikea delivery came. Then I cooked Mango's meals. Chop chop, steam veggies, stir fry meat and liver, leave out to cool.

Fed the 4 monsters after that.

And watered all the plants. 


Now to take on tmr! Come at me Bro! 😂😂 okay don't. Take it easy, please. 

Should probably start packing a bit. Also, which camera to bring?! Dammit. Need to charge all the batteries. Gahhhhh.

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