Friday, January 01, 2016

How I spent Day 1 of 2016

Yes, me. 😂 

Anyway 1st Jan is over! Can't wait for next weekend to arrive already. 

Spent the day out and about. Really wonder what is going to happen when we move to Punggol and don't have access to a car. 😩😩😩 #firstworldproblems

I know that everyone says cabbing is still cheaper than a car, but the convenience is gone. And subjected to whether or not there are available cabs, plus whether or not they are willing to fetch a dog 😣😣😣

Went to Goodwood Florist to buy seeds and pots. 😂😂 this planting addiction needs to be curbed. Or at least let some of our flowers bloom, tyvm. 

Walked up and down all the florists along that stretch and went into the cold room to see flowers. Ahhhh I just wanna buy everything home!!! So prettyyyy. But won't last. 

Dear plants at home, please grow big and strong and bloom!!!

DTF at J8 for lunch where the mango pudding took 30 mins to arrive. Do they really make it from scratch or what? 

Went to get a facial done tgt with Eu too. 😂😂 her first facial and my first after... 3 years?!?! Okay part of my resolution is to treat my face better. Facial at least once every 2-3 months! 😠 walked up and down the whole of amk central just to settle on a facial place that won't try to hardsell us. The one we went to was pretty good! My face feels so clean now. 😂😂

Then it was off to dinner with Elin at Kontiki at Gardens by the Bay East. Dog friendly! Over ordered and didn't finish our food 😭😭😭

Walked along Bay East with Mango and Cookie, then decided on impulse to head over to Gardens by the Bay to see the Christmas Wonderland with the dogs the drive there is almost the same as getting to Bay East from home 😒

Random photo taken at Gardens. 😂 so many people requested to pet them or to take photos with them. Errrr so hard for us to take pictures leh!!! All I wanted was a proper picture. Not even sure if I got one. 😒😞

Pretty much sums up my first day of the year! 😊😊😊

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