Saturday, January 09, 2016

Cameron Highlands

Kwan Kee Charcoal Steamboat
Dinner ytd night was this charcoal steamboat set! I think it was like rm59 for the whole set plus 2 cups of barley? Damn worth it. It wasn't bad! Haha bf says it was okay lor 😒 but that's his usual reaction to food anyway. 😒😒

Super filling!!! 

And we went to the weekend market before that and had... Chicken drumstick with strawberry sauce? Or was it some other fruit sauce. And lamp on stick with apricot sauce. And strawberry on stick w choc. And... Bbq corn! Omg the corn is super sweet.

Watched the sunrise this morning! Er we booked 2 tours, 1 for sunrise (rm65/pax) and 1 nature discovery tour (rm60/pax). 

Luckily the sunrise was beautiful!

Because bf doesn't like his face taken. So... 😂😂

Gunung Brinchang View Point
After the sunrise tour, we went back to the hotel and went for the 2nd one after a short rest. View from the top of the watchtower! I went up a creaky rusty tower! Hahahaha. Wth. But too bad the Mossy Forest is closed. Damn.

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