Sunday, September 14, 2014

2nd Appointment - Signing of Agreement

Finally after 3 months, we have our appointment to go sign the agreement! The HDB officer told us it would be within 4months after the 1st appointment to the 2nd appointment. All that waiting made it feel longer than 3 months. 

And we were given an appointment on Sunday! Actually the appointment date they sent to us was for next week, but bf can't make it, so I went online to change the appointment. Did you know you can change your appointments via "my HDBpage"? Got another Sunday appointment! 

Wait was short, and everything was done under 20mins. Just sign sign sign all the documents to deduct CPF for the downpayment (5%), etc etc. And we're done! Next appointment would be when we collect keys... in 4years' time?! Gahhh... Long waiting game.

Went for breakfast after that!! Omg been so long since I've had kway chup.

Happy Sunday morning! =D