Friday, August 08, 2014

National Day Parade Rehearsal

Met Uncle Tuck with bf 2 weekends back and went camping for the perfect place to take photos of the parade rehearsal fireworks. After some searching we found a suitable place. Haha. So we waited for the fireworks to start while watching the parade. Parachutes, fighter jets, Singapore Flag fly by, etc.

Then the fireworks started. Hehe. I love fireworks. But the photos turned out less than ideal. Probably because of my lousy timing skills. And I need a better tripod. Also I did a stupid thing when I forgot to bring my remote and had to buy a spare one. Ugh.

But anyhow, fireworks are fascinating. They look so amazing and so fleeting. And photographing them is a try and try again skill. Haha.

Love the view.

Happy National Day!

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