Saturday, June 07, 2014

First Appointment and Happy 8th Anniversary!

So yesterday we got to choose our unit! I think my blood pressure must have hit the roof this week. Over the weekend, coincidentally my cousin was having his house warming in Punggol, so we went to the plot of land to take a look with my uncle and get his opinion of the location and whether the unit we picked is okay and worth buying because we didn't want to spend so much on a flat that will have no resale value if we were to sell. And hopefully the view will not be blocked.

Somehow, over this whole waiting period, the units that we initially decided upon was snatched up really quick, even the 2nd storey units. So we had to reevaluate our choices. Uncle said the unit we wanted was not bad, and worth buying because it's different from any other projects in Punggol, right next to the reservoir. But the thing about the unit is the way it's positioned, whether it the actual unit will have the view partially blocked or not.

Then we discussed how low a unit we would go. Initially last Friday, the highest available unit was #17. On Sat, it became #16. I didn't know they have appointments on Saturdays. Lucky people who didn't have to apply leave.

Because there will be a roof garden on #9 for the block we were picking, we didn't want to go too low/near it. Decided the lowest we would go would be #13, and if it wasn't available, we'd forfeit our chance. So on last Sat, we had 4 more units available for us to choose.

And I started stalking HDB's website through the week. The numbers kept dropping through the week and I got more and more stressed out. Lol. You know, seeing the flats you want disappearing before your eyes..... On Thurs, there was only #13 left!!! Can you imagine......!?!?!? Omg.

Yesterday, our appointment was after lunch, which meant that there was a chance that it will be taken!! Our last unit!!! Drove to work, took half day off, met bf at work then drove to TPY HDB Hub.

Our project along the water.
Visited the town plan models. Hopefully we get a good view of the water. Nervous the whole time haha.

Pizza Hut
I will listen to the bf in future when he tells me that Pizza Hut sucks. HAHAHA. The service was horrible. I will only have Pizza Hut in the future via delivery. At least I won't pay for service charge without having any service.

Our Queue
Walked back to HDB Hub to get our queue numbers. Then we got lost. LOL. Walked around the whole HDB Hub till we had to ask the information counter. Zzzz. So embarrassing hahaha. And technically those are counters, but it's in a room! They have a number of counters per room, so you sit outside in the waiting area and wait for your number to be called then you enter the room and look for your counter. We thought they were really just counters. Zzzz. 

Outside in the waiting area there are TVs flashing the unit availability for the different projects. Each time ours came up, my heart would be in my throat.

Also, triple checked all documents the night before and during work just in case I missed something. Then bf told me he didn't know he needed to bring his I/C. EHHHHH!!! That and his prev part time job payslips were the only things he needed to bring lololol. I think I had a panic attack right there. Lucky we can mail in the photocopy after.

Our 'file' in the HDB office. Pink file!
So.... unit was still available when it was our turn! Though I was like sitting on needles (cannot sit still) until the officer confirmed the unit and booked it. That sigh of relief hahahahahahaha. So he processed our stuff and we paid option fee of $2000 (actually bf paid first cos he says it'll be refunded when we do our 2nd appointment so he will pay first). Hopefully we will get the AHG grant. Little bit better than nothing. 

Our orange file
Brought home all the other documents in an orange folder. Now... we wait. For the 2nd appointment and another 4 years for the house to be built. SIGH why so long!!! Hopefully they will build faster? But quality work, please.

And and...!!! It was our 8th anniversary on the same day too!!! Decided to celebrate by going to dinner hahaha. But the places we tried calling were fully booked, but we managed to get a reservation at the counter seats for Irodori.

Irodori ala carte buffet
Irodori Japanese Restaurant
382 Havelock Road, #03-01 Riverview Hotel, 169629
6737 2002

I have developed a liking to mekajiki (swordfish) recently. And all other random raw fish, I like. Learning how to appreciate more types of sashimi, even octopus. LOL.

Some of our orders
Although we were a little disappointed with the food.... I think the chiller where they store the uncut sashimi is a little too cold, resulting in too cold sashimi slices. Food came quite slow too but the whole restaurant was packed. And we could see the chefs moving non stop. And maybe it's just us but the variety of food choices was not 100% our thing. Hahahaha. End up we didn't order much variety but we did have tons of salmon sashimi and their signature spider (soft shell crab) maki.

Happy 8th anniversary!

Singapore River
I've actually never been to this part of SG. We strolled along the Singapore River and took in the cool night air. And there were many dogs with owners at restaurants and pubs along the river! Maybe we should try coming here next time with the dogs. Hehe. 

Perfect day with you. xoxo

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