Monday, June 02, 2014

1st Resale House Viewing

Everyone needs a compass in their phone. Hahaha. Because u nvr know when u need it. Like when u go house viewing. LOL. 

So we viewed our first resale place ytd! Located opp bishan park nearer to eu's end of the park. On paper it looks okay? Near park, check, corner unit, check, mid floor (not too low, check, can see the park, check. 
BUT! (there's always a but) 

It's on #6. U can see the park through trees, I suppose. Not windy, there's a temple next to the blk. Also, house has uneven floor (felt it the moment I walked in). Also, rooms r small, windows are bloody small in the rooms. Toilets are even smaller than my house de. WHAT IS THIS. Bf says his house also 4 room leh. WHY SO BIG DIFF?! Also didn't realise that it's so noisy, living near the road. Haiz
So it's obviously a no go. 

When I got to work today, I checked hdb website. On sat, the highest unit was #16. Today, it's #14. Does this mean tt ppl can choose on Saturdays? Why like that one. Our limit is #13. So we have 2 units left till Friday. Hopefully at least one will be left for us. Pls pls pls
Also, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FORMS TO FILL AND STUFF TO PRINT? Hahahaha. Killing so many trees. Omg. I hope I don't miss out anything. Printing for bf too. Ahhhhhhh. I'm so anxious/nervous/excited.

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