Saturday, May 31, 2014

BTO or Resale?

Went to my cousin's house warming today. Their new flat at Punggol. Haha bf and I took this opportunity to ask my uncle to go w us to the bto site to take a look and give us his opinions. Cos we're undecided if we should take it or buy resale. 

Went around the estate, parked next to the project and walked in the tall grass to look ard, and he drove into the construction site. LOL. Fearless.
Based on the built foundations I would say we actually drove right up to the drop off point at the future block of we were to pick it. Hahahaha. He says we should go for it. Hope when the time comes, the unit we want is still available.
Climbed up the stairs at the nearby LRT to see the view. The reservoir is just behind those trees. 
Going to go see a resale flat at amk tmr evening. Hmmmmm.

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