Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Biggest surprise

That magical moment
Am so happy I can't sleep so I better write this down. He proposed today!! Today meaning 5th May, as it's past midnight. And it came as a huge surprise because I totally didn't expect it and it was so romantic!! Ahhhh. Thing is, we're not in Sg!! I'm on a holiday with my 2 friends in Hk and we were at Disneyland watching the fireworks when suddenly I heard a familiar voice behind me asking if I dropped something. Turned around and there he was, holding onto a ring. Kind of went into shock because the fireworks just started and I was busy trying to take pictures Hahahaha. #failgf. He actually told me to go back to taking pictures first. LOL. I kept turning around to ask him why was he here how he got here how come I don't know!!!??

Apparently he planned this and contacted Demi to let him know where we were so he could come find me during the fireworks. Haha. Sneaky. And he took leave and flew here this morning!! Ahhhhh. Super touched. >.<

I'm still in shock. And swimming in happiness.

I love you so much! Thank you for this unforgettable moment!!

And YES I DO!!


When we entered Disneyland ytd, the announcement told us to have a magical day! I said "Yes I will"! Little did I know how true that would be. Hehe

Queued up to take photos with the Chip and Dale!! Love this photo!

Waiting for the fireworks to start!! And right before that moment *^-^*

"Pursuit of happiness"

So apparently he posted this on fb!! But he blocked me so I didn't realise that he posted something. Major awwww. #heartmelt. He flew all the way here for this!!! Ok la and also to do a little holiday trip cos I'm going back today and he's staying here till Thurs. Haha. We're an odd couple.

Annnndddd!!! The ring!!! Omg la he actually went to T&Co to buy!!! Omg melt. But probably need to resize cos it's a little big. I don't wanna lose it!!! My first little blue box. Ahhhhhh. 

After disneyland, we went to have dinner tgt with my friends. Oh ya he contacted Demi so he could find us when we reached. Lol. So cute. I thought my bf wasn't one for romantic gestures, but I was wrong!! 

And dinner was the worst. Didn't even finish a quarter of my rice. Bleh. But it can't spoil my night!!!


Thank you love. This is one memorable trip 😊

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