Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Home to call our own?

Maybe I should start writing this down to remember the whole process. So.... Last November we tried to put our names into the balloting box for a place to call our own. I had my eye on the Hougang  Meadow project. But we didn't even managed to get a queue number. Results were released in late January and the next BTO opened shortly after that. We decided to try again and so we tried for Punggol Bayview. The place overlooks the reservoir, but only the 5room units had good views. So.... we tried for the 5room. The ballot results came out around March, also slightly before they released the next batch of BTO units. We got a number!!! BUT! Our number was HUGGGEEE. Like wayyy back in the queue. But thankfully within the total number of units available.

And so the waiting game began. I was like a stalker (still am), stalking the HDB site constantly, to see when the units started disappearing. We had 2 choice units in 2 different blocks picked out, but I guess everyone thought the same because they got snapped up at the light. =( Upset, but now to look for other choice units. Our plan is that if we don't find something suitable to our taste, we'd forgo this project and look for a resale. Because location wise, Punggol isn't really ideal. But for the view it provides and for the price of a brand new 5room in Punggol vs a resale 4room in Amk with probably not ideal view, why not, right?

Not sure what we'd actually do when the time comes for us to pick, but our appointment is coming soon! Next Friday!!! So... excited and scared. Another step closer to another milestone in life.

Oh and I'm thoroughly confused by everyone about fengshui. So... which direction should your flat face? And which part of the house do you determine that as the "face"?


  1. Think about commuting to work as well... I think we actually spend more time doing that everyday then looking at the view :P

    1. Hahaha yeah. we thought about that but it was near a park/view/price/location in order of importance.

  2. Hi Neighbour, I am the few lucky ones to get the special 5 rooms overlooking the reservoirs. but those units are only highest at lvl 8. Hope dun get too much west sun..