Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dog Pools in Singapore

Let's talk about swimming for dogs in Singapore. My ultimate dream is to have my own place with a pool that my dog(s) can swim in. Which probably equate to a private house la. Which condo allows dogs in the pool? Haha. Anyway, the pools that allow dogs in Singapore are so disappointing.

Sun Petgamart
The newest pool at Sun Petgamart that we went to for the second time became dirtier (yellow water, but we did see a dog pee into it), tons of mosquitoes, drainage problem at the doggy shower area, no place for humans to wash up.

U Petgamart
U Petgamart is better, brighter, but too far, lousy doggy shower area, slippery pool. Oh and pool is not very big, platform around pool very narrow.

K9 Kulture (Img from here)

K9 Kulture (now called Animal World) requires payment per use (quite expensive and time based), does not have a doggy shower area, pools look quite dirty the few times we've been there to the kafe and took a look at the pool, has mosquitoes.

Mutts n Mittens
Mutts n Mittens’ pool has got to be the best so far, but you have to book it in advance, requires payment per use (quite expensive and time based but worth it as the place is nicer), pool is big enough (looks like a human pool but smaller and shallower), clean enough, but no doggy shower area (pay to use) and you have to bring your dogs’ vaccination cert (good but a hassle).

Sentosa is free (other than parking), has an open shower area to wash off our dogs (but quite difficult to keep holding onto the tap for water). And the sand. Omg the sand. Though we can wash ourselves off in the public toilet.

Old U Petgamart
I wonder if anyone will do something about this problem in Singapore. Hahaha. If you can provide a location with Mutts n Mittens’ type of pool, a proper doggy shower area, a human wash up area (cos we do get into the pool with our dogs), is pay per entry (not time based), I’d gladly pay for it. Really. Like the old U Petgamart’s pool type. With tables and chairs around with enough space for dogs to run around. I’d be damn happy if such a place exists in Singapore.

Random rant on a Thursday afternoon. Can't wait for Sunday cos we're going to Sentosa and avoiding the clean up of the doggies after cos we're sending them to the groomers! Wahahaha. Love this arrangement but bad on the pocket.

Let me know if you know of any other places to bring ours dogs for swims!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

My Stupid Nightmare

Okay so I had this nightmare this morning/last night. I remember a zombie apocalypse thing and I just kept running and running and running. I think I was running with a group of people and it was like some time after the apocalypse alr so everywhere like ghost town. Then while we were running through town there was this hugeass zombie like zombie boss (like boss fight in a game) tt just drop down from nowhere and tried to eat us. Scream fest. If there was really an apocalypse, I sure die first.
Woke up so tired. Does running in my dreams count as exercise? Hahahaha. I felt like I did a workout in my sleep. Also I woke up, then fell back asleep and had another dream but can't rmb alr. But it was quite pleasant haha. Funny how u only rmb dreams that scare the crap out of u

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sun Petgamart's Swimming Pool!

Finally brought the dogs out to the new pool at Sun Petgamart!

The pool!

Left: Mango in the car on the way to the pool. 
Right: Echo in the pool looking poor-thing.

Echo refusing to move.
For some reason, I think the dogs really dislike swimming. Hahahaha. That's Echo, refusing to move from that corner of the pool. He can't get out, so that's the only place he can stand without having to swim. 

That resigned face of Mango's
Eunice spent most of the time trying to condition Nugget to jump into the pool, but he only does it when she asks him to, then it's like he suddenly remembers that he hates swimming, then panics and starts swimming in panic mode. Hahahaha.

Mango following me while I walk around the pool's circumference.
Mango follows me into the pool really unwillingly for a few times then he flat out refuses to come near me. Lol asshole. Personally, I think this pool is wayyyyy better than U Petgamart's pool. The pool is bigger, wider, it's non-slip base inside the pool, the wooden plank around the pool is wider for more people to walk around. Even the plank going up the pool is easier to get up to. And it's nearer our place.

Thing I didn't like was the lack of parking lots. And idiots who park in between 2 lots. NO LOTS ALR YOU STILL PARK LIKE THAT?!?! AND YOU DRIVE A BMW?!?!?! Omg. Hate such drivers.

Oh the store itself is a dream to shop in!!! I think I can spend the whole day there picking out food and treats and maybe toys (not such a big selection). Still contemplating buying him a pee tray. Hmmmm. Cos he doesn't like the black plastic one I bought but I saw him use those Yogi one at a cafe. Hahaha. Fussy dog. =/ Currently he pees on newspaper in the kitchen then I clear newspaper plus mop floor. =(

Just keep swimming.
Trying to 'scoop' Echo out of the pool. Obviously he can't fit into the net. Lol. But still cute. =D

Bathing Area.
Bathing Area.
Ehhhh. Drainage wasn't really good and water pressure very low. And leaves/dirt everywhere. So we just rinsed the dogs down and brought them to my place to bathe and dry. Suggestion is to just shampoo them once then go home and do it again with conditioner cos there's chlorine in the water. By the time we got back after buying lunch on the way home, their fur was a little dry already. Or rinse them really well to get the chlorine out.

Happy dog is happy to get out of the water.

Sun Petgamart
26, Seletar West Farmway 1
Singapore 798126
Phone: 6484 0709
Pool usage free on Weekends and Public Holidays,
$10/dog on weekdays. Closed on Tues for maintenance.
Requires membership to Sun Petgamart