Monday, March 10, 2014

Bintan on a budget

Pondok Wisata Suzy
Finally went on a short weekend trip! Was supposed to be for my birthday but we couldn't take any time off on weekends so we delayed it till now! Stayed at Pondok Wisata Suzy located at Trikora Kilometer 42 in Bintan. Really off the beaten path. Hahaha. Bf wanted to stay at a non-commercialized place and almost all the lodgings along this stretch are places backpackers love. So, why not! 

Arranged for a driver to fetch us to and fro the place because we were unsure how to just flag a cab (and whether or not it's safe) from the jetty. But I think we were charged quite high a rate at about S$50? But then again, the driver kind of had to make 4 trips (to lodging/then home, to lodging/to jetty), so for safety/convenience, I think the price is alright. 

And according to reviews, Trikora Beach has pretty amazing beaches in Bintan and it's not crowded. Actually there was nobody around. Hahaha. Our lodging was... interesting? If you don't mind roughing it out, why not! Though the ants in the bathroom was crazy scary. We think there was a nest in there. D: And there's no heater. But we bathed just before the sun set, which meant the water has been heated by the sun through the day. Smart right! 

According to online sources and the owner himself, his wife usually cooks for guests but she wasn't around, thus we had to find alternatives for our meals. He suggested we walk over to the next resort where they have a restaurant there at Bintan YY Resort.

Tom yam soup / Chilli Calamari / Onion Omelette / Fried Rice in Omelette
Lunch was really good! Super yummy but a little too salty. Total was about S$25-30 including 2 fruit juices and 2 bottles of mineral water. SHIOK.

View from that resort was really nice too! Wind was very strong. The only thing was that bf didn't want to enter the water with me. We ended up chilling on the beach with our books. :)
Us chillin' by the sea

Bf tried to get some sunset pics, but we were facing east, so nothing much. Water was very clear! But no sea activities.

Went back to the same place we went to for lunch, not before walking down the street for some time to explore the area. Dinner of chicken soup (very nice!), fried beehoon, veg, tofu hotplate and a Magnum Infinity for me! The Magnum was a choc ice cream, with caramel! Covered in choc with rice crispie bits!! Super full.

Too many clouds though. And glad that we could get away this weekend cos the haze seemed pretty bad when we left, and felt worse when we came back. Was totally disconnected from the world as I didn't have the Internet and my phone couldn't be used. We played Candy Crush offline, Temple Run 2 and Guess the Emoji hahaha. Bonding time! :)

Breakfast was Maggi by the owner of the place. Surprisingly nice! I wonder if I'll ever be able to find out what brand we ate. LOL

Driver sent us to town, went to get our boarding passes and went walking around town. Walked past this random restaurant/eating house and saw that it was crowded, so we decided it must be good! Totally went in to order lunch. Food was damn good thanks. HAHAHA.

Took the ferry and I got reminded AGAIN why I hate ferries.

I want to get out of here again again and again, with you.

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