Sunday, September 14, 2014

2nd Appointment - Signing of Agreement

Finally after 3 months, we have our appointment to go sign the agreement! The HDB officer told us it would be within 4months after the 1st appointment to the 2nd appointment. All that waiting made it feel longer than 3 months. 

And we were given an appointment on Sunday! Actually the appointment date they sent to us was for next week, but bf can't make it, so I went online to change the appointment. Did you know you can change your appointments via "my HDBpage"? Got another Sunday appointment! 

Wait was short, and everything was done under 20mins. Just sign sign sign all the documents to deduct CPF for the downpayment (5%), etc etc. And we're done! Next appointment would be when we collect keys... in 4years' time?! Gahhh... Long waiting game.

Went for breakfast after that!! Omg been so long since I've had kway chup.

Happy Sunday morning! =D

Friday, August 08, 2014

National Day Parade Rehearsal

Met Uncle Tuck with bf 2 weekends back and went camping for the perfect place to take photos of the parade rehearsal fireworks. After some searching we found a suitable place. Haha. So we waited for the fireworks to start while watching the parade. Parachutes, fighter jets, Singapore Flag fly by, etc.

Then the fireworks started. Hehe. I love fireworks. But the photos turned out less than ideal. Probably because of my lousy timing skills. And I need a better tripod. Also I did a stupid thing when I forgot to bring my remote and had to buy a spare one. Ugh.

But anyhow, fireworks are fascinating. They look so amazing and so fleeting. And photographing them is a try and try again skill. Haha.

Love the view.

Happy National Day!

Saturday, June 07, 2014

First Appointment and Happy 8th Anniversary!

So yesterday we got to choose our unit! I think my blood pressure must have hit the roof this week. Over the weekend, coincidentally my cousin was having his house warming in Punggol, so we went to the plot of land to take a look with my uncle and get his opinion of the location and whether the unit we picked is okay and worth buying because we didn't want to spend so much on a flat that will have no resale value if we were to sell. And hopefully the view will not be blocked.

Somehow, over this whole waiting period, the units that we initially decided upon was snatched up really quick, even the 2nd storey units. So we had to reevaluate our choices. Uncle said the unit we wanted was not bad, and worth buying because it's different from any other projects in Punggol, right next to the reservoir. But the thing about the unit is the way it's positioned, whether it the actual unit will have the view partially blocked or not.

Then we discussed how low a unit we would go. Initially last Friday, the highest available unit was #17. On Sat, it became #16. I didn't know they have appointments on Saturdays. Lucky people who didn't have to apply leave.

Because there will be a roof garden on #9 for the block we were picking, we didn't want to go too low/near it. Decided the lowest we would go would be #13, and if it wasn't available, we'd forfeit our chance. So on last Sat, we had 4 more units available for us to choose.

And I started stalking HDB's website through the week. The numbers kept dropping through the week and I got more and more stressed out. Lol. You know, seeing the flats you want disappearing before your eyes..... On Thurs, there was only #13 left!!! Can you imagine......!?!?!? Omg.

Yesterday, our appointment was after lunch, which meant that there was a chance that it will be taken!! Our last unit!!! Drove to work, took half day off, met bf at work then drove to TPY HDB Hub.

Our project along the water.
Visited the town plan models. Hopefully we get a good view of the water. Nervous the whole time haha.

Pizza Hut
I will listen to the bf in future when he tells me that Pizza Hut sucks. HAHAHA. The service was horrible. I will only have Pizza Hut in the future via delivery. At least I won't pay for service charge without having any service.

Our Queue
Walked back to HDB Hub to get our queue numbers. Then we got lost. LOL. Walked around the whole HDB Hub till we had to ask the information counter. Zzzz. So embarrassing hahaha. And technically those are counters, but it's in a room! They have a number of counters per room, so you sit outside in the waiting area and wait for your number to be called then you enter the room and look for your counter. We thought they were really just counters. Zzzz. 

Outside in the waiting area there are TVs flashing the unit availability for the different projects. Each time ours came up, my heart would be in my throat.

Also, triple checked all documents the night before and during work just in case I missed something. Then bf told me he didn't know he needed to bring his I/C. EHHHHH!!! That and his prev part time job payslips were the only things he needed to bring lololol. I think I had a panic attack right there. Lucky we can mail in the photocopy after.

Our 'file' in the HDB office. Pink file!
So.... unit was still available when it was our turn! Though I was like sitting on needles (cannot sit still) until the officer confirmed the unit and booked it. That sigh of relief hahahahahahaha. So he processed our stuff and we paid option fee of $2000 (actually bf paid first cos he says it'll be refunded when we do our 2nd appointment so he will pay first). Hopefully we will get the AHG grant. Little bit better than nothing. 

Our orange file
Brought home all the other documents in an orange folder. Now... we wait. For the 2nd appointment and another 4 years for the house to be built. SIGH why so long!!! Hopefully they will build faster? But quality work, please.

And and...!!! It was our 8th anniversary on the same day too!!! Decided to celebrate by going to dinner hahaha. But the places we tried calling were fully booked, but we managed to get a reservation at the counter seats for Irodori.

Irodori ala carte buffet
Irodori Japanese Restaurant
382 Havelock Road, #03-01 Riverview Hotel, 169629
6737 2002

I have developed a liking to mekajiki (swordfish) recently. And all other random raw fish, I like. Learning how to appreciate more types of sashimi, even octopus. LOL.

Some of our orders
Although we were a little disappointed with the food.... I think the chiller where they store the uncut sashimi is a little too cold, resulting in too cold sashimi slices. Food came quite slow too but the whole restaurant was packed. And we could see the chefs moving non stop. And maybe it's just us but the variety of food choices was not 100% our thing. Hahahaha. End up we didn't order much variety but we did have tons of salmon sashimi and their signature spider (soft shell crab) maki.

Happy 8th anniversary!

Singapore River
I've actually never been to this part of SG. We strolled along the Singapore River and took in the cool night air. And there were many dogs with owners at restaurants and pubs along the river! Maybe we should try coming here next time with the dogs. Hehe. 

Perfect day with you. xoxo

Monday, June 02, 2014

1st Resale House Viewing

Everyone needs a compass in their phone. Hahaha. Because u nvr know when u need it. Like when u go house viewing. LOL. 

So we viewed our first resale place ytd! Located opp bishan park nearer to eu's end of the park. On paper it looks okay? Near park, check, corner unit, check, mid floor (not too low, check, can see the park, check. 
BUT! (there's always a but) 

It's on #6. U can see the park through trees, I suppose. Not windy, there's a temple next to the blk. Also, house has uneven floor (felt it the moment I walked in). Also, rooms r small, windows are bloody small in the rooms. Toilets are even smaller than my house de. WHAT IS THIS. Bf says his house also 4 room leh. WHY SO BIG DIFF?! Also didn't realise that it's so noisy, living near the road. Haiz
So it's obviously a no go. 

When I got to work today, I checked hdb website. On sat, the highest unit was #16. Today, it's #14. Does this mean tt ppl can choose on Saturdays? Why like that one. Our limit is #13. So we have 2 units left till Friday. Hopefully at least one will be left for us. Pls pls pls
Also, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FORMS TO FILL AND STUFF TO PRINT? Hahahaha. Killing so many trees. Omg. I hope I don't miss out anything. Printing for bf too. Ahhhhhhh. I'm so anxious/nervous/excited.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

BTO or Resale?

Went to my cousin's house warming today. Their new flat at Punggol. Haha bf and I took this opportunity to ask my uncle to go w us to the bto site to take a look and give us his opinions. Cos we're undecided if we should take it or buy resale. 

Went around the estate, parked next to the project and walked in the tall grass to look ard, and he drove into the construction site. LOL. Fearless.
Based on the built foundations I would say we actually drove right up to the drop off point at the future block of we were to pick it. Hahahaha. He says we should go for it. Hope when the time comes, the unit we want is still available.
Climbed up the stairs at the nearby LRT to see the view. The reservoir is just behind those trees. 
Going to go see a resale flat at amk tmr evening. Hmmmmm.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Home to call our own?

Maybe I should start writing this down to remember the whole process. So.... Last November we tried to put our names into the balloting box for a place to call our own. I had my eye on the Hougang  Meadow project. But we didn't even managed to get a queue number. Results were released in late January and the next BTO opened shortly after that. We decided to try again and so we tried for Punggol Bayview. The place overlooks the reservoir, but only the 5room units had good views. So.... we tried for the 5room. The ballot results came out around March, also slightly before they released the next batch of BTO units. We got a number!!! BUT! Our number was HUGGGEEE. Like wayyy back in the queue. But thankfully within the total number of units available.

And so the waiting game began. I was like a stalker (still am), stalking the HDB site constantly, to see when the units started disappearing. We had 2 choice units in 2 different blocks picked out, but I guess everyone thought the same because they got snapped up at the light. =( Upset, but now to look for other choice units. Our plan is that if we don't find something suitable to our taste, we'd forgo this project and look for a resale. Because location wise, Punggol isn't really ideal. But for the view it provides and for the price of a brand new 5room in Punggol vs a resale 4room in Amk with probably not ideal view, why not, right?

Not sure what we'd actually do when the time comes for us to pick, but our appointment is coming soon! Next Friday!!! So... excited and scared. Another step closer to another milestone in life.

Oh and I'm thoroughly confused by everyone about fengshui. So... which direction should your flat face? And which part of the house do you determine that as the "face"?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Purebreed vs Mongrel

I was posed this really interesting and thought-provoking question by the human from We Live In A Flat via Instagram.

Thing is, after thinking it through, I don't really think there's a difference, unless it's physical. And there are so many variables!!

Thing is, Mango is not exactly a typical Sheltie. That was what I told her. Or at least from what I can tell from this year and half of having Mango around and comparing him to other Shelties I've met. Okay let's check it against a checklist!

1)     Lively: not really, intelligent: I've seen him make some really stupid decisions, playful: not quite, trainable: yes, and willing to please and obey: most of the time?2)     Athletic: Not at all.
3)     Loving: yes, loyal: yes, and affectionate with their family: yes-ish, but are naturally aloof with strangers: yes.
4)     Do well with children if they are reared with them from an early age: Seems like he likes children quite a bit.
5)     Vocal dogs: YES only at home, not a sound when we're out of the house, and are very alert to outside stimuli: YES. The average Sheltie is an excellent watch dog: YES.
6)     The herding instinct is strong in many Shelties: NO.
7)     They love to chase and herd things, including squirrels, ducks, children, and if an owner is not watchful, cars: No.
8)     Shelties love to run in wide-open areas: NO, he stuck to me like super glue when we were at The Green Corridor (off leash) and any instances when he is off-leash.
9)     Some Shelties get so excited or anxious that they perform a fast series of tight spins without chasing their tails: No, but maybe jump around.

So as you can see, Mango doesn't tick “YES” for everything. Thing with Mango is that I got him when he was slightly past 2years? And he came from a petshop. So I don't have access to his birth history and have no idea how he spent his formative years (though I have a pretty good clue).

You have to factor these in when you want to compare a “Sheltie” with any other breed. Are you comparing a breed standard Sheltie, or just My Sheltie? And what about your Mongrel? What kind of mongrel? Any recognisable breed in the mix? Where was the dog from? What were the parents like? Are we talking about mongrels in general or are we talking about Donna, whom I've interacted with before she was adopted?

I personally think there isn't much difference unless it's physical.

Although, some breeds are built to do something which I don't think will change much even if store-bought or not. Like hunting dogs. Or guard dogs. Everything outside of that particular characteristic that makes that breed, that breed, are the same. I mean, you go looking for a puppy who will go well with your family, is happy, not nervous, friendly with other dogs and all those positive traits, right? Nobody goes looking for a nervous wreck/shy/aggressive/crazy puppy, right?

  • Genetics
I've seen purebred dogs from proper breeders with the sweetest temperament and the same breed dog which is like a dog from hell with the worst temperament that was store-bought. But I'm not saying that all breeder's dogs will have good genetics (only if they are responsible enough to do thorough checks and breed selectively) and not all store bought puppies are crazy (if you're lucky/unlucky enough because you'll never meet its parents so you'll never know what to expect. But the chances of you getting a “lemon” from a store-bought puppy is pretty high because…look at the stats for unethical breeding. In-breeding is rampant in puppymills and all those recessive traits. *shudder* Also, how do you think your puppy will be like if the mother is scared throughout her entire pregnancy? But I've also seen dogs like Echo who was store-bought turn out to be wonderful dogs. So it's like a gamble when you get a puppy without knowing it's parents.

For mongels, I've actually seen puppies from different litters in the same environment. This allows for a fair-enough comparison? Mother A was rescued from the streets, highly wary of humans, quite aggressive in the beginning. Her puppies born in the shelter have shy/nervous qualities, are highly wary of people, and are not so open to making new friends /exploring, sometimes even slightly aggressive. Mother B was also rescued, but is very friendly, very happy to see people, loves anything and everything. Her puppies were also born in the shelter and are well-adjusted, very happy/playful/curious/friendly dogs. Both were born in the same place, same upbringing, but why are they so different?

  • Upbringing
The other point is upbringing. Even if you have the perfect puppy with the perfect temperament, no matter the breed, if you don't start right, genetics can't help you, man. If you don't teach it, don't socialise it, don’t correct bad behaviour, should you still expect your dog to know what it should know/do just because it came from good genes? Good genes can only ensure you so much. Like I can guarantee you that this puppy will be like the mother, the most gentle, sweetest dog, ONLY IF you train it well after you bring it home.

But if you're lucky enough to get a problem child, there is always training to help solve issues. Though it will be a long and hard road to solving some issues. 

Take Buddha from “CutieandtheBeast”. Buddha is really really good with Sienna. And he's a Doberman. The typical stereotype would be that Dobermans are aggressive! But no, look at Buddha. He was from a reputable breeder and picked for his temperament, and trained by the owner to be the amazing dog he now is. This is why you need to buy responsibly. And not support disgusting puppymills with puppies of dubious backgrounds.

And so to conclude my long grandmother story, I'd say that there is not much differences in temperament or breed characteristics between Sheltie and Mongrel. It all boils down to genetics and upbringing.

P.s: I think this has got to be my longest entry in a long while! Haven't typed so much in forever! But I've ever thought about this before so… I've got plenty to say here. Hahahaha.

Ok bye.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ring Problems

The weather can kill me. It's too hot!!! How I wish I was back in hk. I'd rather freeze to death than melt in this heat. 

Anyway on Sat we went to T&Co to get the ring resized.. But!!! They don't have stock in the whole of Sg. Only have the gold one. But mine is rose gold. So... They will have to contact the NY office for stock. But no guarantees, because it's a soon to be discontinued design. Don't know to be happy or sad. They better have it in my size!!! I want to wear my ring!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Biggest surprise

That magical moment
Am so happy I can't sleep so I better write this down. He proposed today!! Today meaning 5th May, as it's past midnight. And it came as a huge surprise because I totally didn't expect it and it was so romantic!! Ahhhh. Thing is, we're not in Sg!! I'm on a holiday with my 2 friends in Hk and we were at Disneyland watching the fireworks when suddenly I heard a familiar voice behind me asking if I dropped something. Turned around and there he was, holding onto a ring. Kind of went into shock because the fireworks just started and I was busy trying to take pictures Hahahaha. #failgf. He actually told me to go back to taking pictures first. LOL. I kept turning around to ask him why was he here how he got here how come I don't know!!!??

Apparently he planned this and contacted Demi to let him know where we were so he could come find me during the fireworks. Haha. Sneaky. And he took leave and flew here this morning!! Ahhhhh. Super touched. >.<

I'm still in shock. And swimming in happiness.

I love you so much! Thank you for this unforgettable moment!!

And YES I DO!!


When we entered Disneyland ytd, the announcement told us to have a magical day! I said "Yes I will"! Little did I know how true that would be. Hehe

Queued up to take photos with the Chip and Dale!! Love this photo!

Waiting for the fireworks to start!! And right before that moment *^-^*

"Pursuit of happiness"

So apparently he posted this on fb!! But he blocked me so I didn't realise that he posted something. Major awwww. #heartmelt. He flew all the way here for this!!! Ok la and also to do a little holiday trip cos I'm going back today and he's staying here till Thurs. Haha. We're an odd couple.

Annnndddd!!! The ring!!! Omg la he actually went to T&Co to buy!!! Omg melt. But probably need to resize cos it's a little big. I don't wanna lose it!!! My first little blue box. Ahhhhhh. 

After disneyland, we went to have dinner tgt with my friends. Oh ya he contacted Demi so he could find us when we reached. Lol. So cute. I thought my bf wasn't one for romantic gestures, but I was wrong!! 

And dinner was the worst. Didn't even finish a quarter of my rice. Bleh. But it can't spoil my night!!!


Thank you love. This is one memorable trip 😊

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dog Pools in Singapore

Let's talk about swimming for dogs in Singapore. My ultimate dream is to have my own place with a pool that my dog(s) can swim in. Which probably equate to a private house la. Which condo allows dogs in the pool? Haha. Anyway, the pools that allow dogs in Singapore are so disappointing.

Sun Petgamart
The newest pool at Sun Petgamart that we went to for the second time became dirtier (yellow water, but we did see a dog pee into it), tons of mosquitoes, drainage problem at the doggy shower area, no place for humans to wash up.

U Petgamart
U Petgamart is better, brighter, but too far, lousy doggy shower area, slippery pool. Oh and pool is not very big, platform around pool very narrow.

K9 Kulture (Img from here)

K9 Kulture (now called Animal World) requires payment per use (quite expensive and time based), does not have a doggy shower area, pools look quite dirty the few times we've been there to the kafe and took a look at the pool, has mosquitoes.

Mutts n Mittens
Mutts n Mittens’ pool has got to be the best so far, but you have to book it in advance, requires payment per use (quite expensive and time based but worth it as the place is nicer), pool is big enough (looks like a human pool but smaller and shallower), clean enough, but no doggy shower area (pay to use) and you have to bring your dogs’ vaccination cert (good but a hassle).

Sentosa is free (other than parking), has an open shower area to wash off our dogs (but quite difficult to keep holding onto the tap for water). And the sand. Omg the sand. Though we can wash ourselves off in the public toilet.

Old U Petgamart
I wonder if anyone will do something about this problem in Singapore. Hahaha. If you can provide a location with Mutts n Mittens’ type of pool, a proper doggy shower area, a human wash up area (cos we do get into the pool with our dogs), is pay per entry (not time based), I’d gladly pay for it. Really. Like the old U Petgamart’s pool type. With tables and chairs around with enough space for dogs to run around. I’d be damn happy if such a place exists in Singapore.

Random rant on a Thursday afternoon. Can't wait for Sunday cos we're going to Sentosa and avoiding the clean up of the doggies after cos we're sending them to the groomers! Wahahaha. Love this arrangement but bad on the pocket.

Let me know if you know of any other places to bring ours dogs for swims!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

My Stupid Nightmare

Okay so I had this nightmare this morning/last night. I remember a zombie apocalypse thing and I just kept running and running and running. I think I was running with a group of people and it was like some time after the apocalypse alr so everywhere like ghost town. Then while we were running through town there was this hugeass zombie like zombie boss (like boss fight in a game) tt just drop down from nowhere and tried to eat us. Scream fest. If there was really an apocalypse, I sure die first.
Woke up so tired. Does running in my dreams count as exercise? Hahahaha. I felt like I did a workout in my sleep. Also I woke up, then fell back asleep and had another dream but can't rmb alr. But it was quite pleasant haha. Funny how u only rmb dreams that scare the crap out of u

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sun Petgamart's Swimming Pool!

Finally brought the dogs out to the new pool at Sun Petgamart!

The pool!

Left: Mango in the car on the way to the pool. 
Right: Echo in the pool looking poor-thing.

Echo refusing to move.
For some reason, I think the dogs really dislike swimming. Hahahaha. That's Echo, refusing to move from that corner of the pool. He can't get out, so that's the only place he can stand without having to swim. 

That resigned face of Mango's
Eunice spent most of the time trying to condition Nugget to jump into the pool, but he only does it when she asks him to, then it's like he suddenly remembers that he hates swimming, then panics and starts swimming in panic mode. Hahahaha.

Mango following me while I walk around the pool's circumference.
Mango follows me into the pool really unwillingly for a few times then he flat out refuses to come near me. Lol asshole. Personally, I think this pool is wayyyyy better than U Petgamart's pool. The pool is bigger, wider, it's non-slip base inside the pool, the wooden plank around the pool is wider for more people to walk around. Even the plank going up the pool is easier to get up to. And it's nearer our place.

Thing I didn't like was the lack of parking lots. And idiots who park in between 2 lots. NO LOTS ALR YOU STILL PARK LIKE THAT?!?! AND YOU DRIVE A BMW?!?!?! Omg. Hate such drivers.

Oh the store itself is a dream to shop in!!! I think I can spend the whole day there picking out food and treats and maybe toys (not such a big selection). Still contemplating buying him a pee tray. Hmmmm. Cos he doesn't like the black plastic one I bought but I saw him use those Yogi one at a cafe. Hahaha. Fussy dog. =/ Currently he pees on newspaper in the kitchen then I clear newspaper plus mop floor. =(

Just keep swimming.
Trying to 'scoop' Echo out of the pool. Obviously he can't fit into the net. Lol. But still cute. =D

Bathing Area.
Bathing Area.
Ehhhh. Drainage wasn't really good and water pressure very low. And leaves/dirt everywhere. So we just rinsed the dogs down and brought them to my place to bathe and dry. Suggestion is to just shampoo them once then go home and do it again with conditioner cos there's chlorine in the water. By the time we got back after buying lunch on the way home, their fur was a little dry already. Or rinse them really well to get the chlorine out.

Happy dog is happy to get out of the water.

Sun Petgamart
26, Seletar West Farmway 1
Singapore 798126
Phone: 6484 0709
Pool usage free on Weekends and Public Holidays,
$10/dog on weekdays. Closed on Tues for maintenance.
Requires membership to Sun Petgamart

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bintan on a budget

Pondok Wisata Suzy
Finally went on a short weekend trip! Was supposed to be for my birthday but we couldn't take any time off on weekends so we delayed it till now! Stayed at Pondok Wisata Suzy located at Trikora Kilometer 42 in Bintan. Really off the beaten path. Hahaha. Bf wanted to stay at a non-commercialized place and almost all the lodgings along this stretch are places backpackers love. So, why not! 

Arranged for a driver to fetch us to and fro the place because we were unsure how to just flag a cab (and whether or not it's safe) from the jetty. But I think we were charged quite high a rate at about S$50? But then again, the driver kind of had to make 4 trips (to lodging/then home, to lodging/to jetty), so for safety/convenience, I think the price is alright. 

And according to reviews, Trikora Beach has pretty amazing beaches in Bintan and it's not crowded. Actually there was nobody around. Hahaha. Our lodging was... interesting? If you don't mind roughing it out, why not! Though the ants in the bathroom was crazy scary. We think there was a nest in there. D: And there's no heater. But we bathed just before the sun set, which meant the water has been heated by the sun through the day. Smart right! 

According to online sources and the owner himself, his wife usually cooks for guests but she wasn't around, thus we had to find alternatives for our meals. He suggested we walk over to the next resort where they have a restaurant there at Bintan YY Resort.

Tom yam soup / Chilli Calamari / Onion Omelette / Fried Rice in Omelette
Lunch was really good! Super yummy but a little too salty. Total was about S$25-30 including 2 fruit juices and 2 bottles of mineral water. SHIOK.

View from that resort was really nice too! Wind was very strong. The only thing was that bf didn't want to enter the water with me. We ended up chilling on the beach with our books. :)
Us chillin' by the sea

Bf tried to get some sunset pics, but we were facing east, so nothing much. Water was very clear! But no sea activities.

Went back to the same place we went to for lunch, not before walking down the street for some time to explore the area. Dinner of chicken soup (very nice!), fried beehoon, veg, tofu hotplate and a Magnum Infinity for me! The Magnum was a choc ice cream, with caramel! Covered in choc with rice crispie bits!! Super full.

Too many clouds though. And glad that we could get away this weekend cos the haze seemed pretty bad when we left, and felt worse when we came back. Was totally disconnected from the world as I didn't have the Internet and my phone couldn't be used. We played Candy Crush offline, Temple Run 2 and Guess the Emoji hahaha. Bonding time! :)

Breakfast was Maggi by the owner of the place. Surprisingly nice! I wonder if I'll ever be able to find out what brand we ate. LOL

Driver sent us to town, went to get our boarding passes and went walking around town. Walked past this random restaurant/eating house and saw that it was crowded, so we decided it must be good! Totally went in to order lunch. Food was damn good thanks. HAHAHA.

Took the ferry and I got reminded AGAIN why I hate ferries.

I want to get out of here again again and again, with you.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Green Corridor

Been seeing so many pictures of people bring their dogs to this place called The Green Corridor and I've been very curious about it. Upon further research, it's the old KTM railway track! Looked at the map and... mind blown! It's sooooo long!!!! *faint* So after asking around, people recommended that I take this route from Holland Road to Bukit Timah Railway Station. Actually the map says from Bukit Timah Railway Station to Holland Road, but we did it in the opposite direction based on recommendations. Also, we needed a place to park so we had to start near a residential area.

According to the comments in the map link, there's actually a pretty good map here: Google Maps. It shows you which area has good/okay access points, mud zone and all that. But if you're looking for a photo spot, I'd suggest the one we took because it's the one with the conserved train station and also there's a bridge with tracks over Dunearn Road. 

Sooooo, more pictures after the jump!