Saturday, December 28, 2013

Swimming at Mutts & Mittens

On a whim, I called Eu up and asked if she was interested to go to the dog pool at Mutts and Mittens. *cue frantic scurrying for vaccination documents* Hahaha. So I managed to get a 30min slot from 3.30pm-4pm. 

The pool area!
The entire place you see in the above pic was ours for 30mins. I would suggest coming earlier to register because they need time to verify your documents. Your dog must have a valid vaccination - not less than 30 days and not more than 12 months before check-in. E.g., if your dog is vaccinated on 1 March 2013, he/she can commence swimming on 1 April 2013.

Anywayyyyy, more pictures of the doggies in the pool after the jump!

Swimming pool rates

Rates are a little high but you get exclusive use of the pool and it's reallllyyyyy very very clean. And awesome to take photos in!

The pool!
Far left: GoPro Hero3 Black: Surf edition
Part of the reason for the swim was to test this camera out! Brought it out the week before to the beach and very tempted to try it in a pool! All pictures from here on are from the GoPro. Did some tweaking cos the sky was so gloomy and everything turned out a weird shade of grey.

Here's a video! I had fun and I think I'd be back, but not so soon. Also, there's no place for you to rinse/bathe your dogs without additional charges. A little inconvenient. I mean, we did pay for pool usage, so why can't you set up a bath area? Hmmmm.

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