Sunday, October 13, 2013

U Petgamart's New Location!

"Just keep swimming"
Eunice and I brought the doggies out to the new location of U Petgamart's at 27 West Coast Highway. They open officially today! They still have a pool, but it's not built into the ground! Rather, it's above ground and smaller than the previous pool? But looks deeper. Also, the space around the pool is very small to accommodate many people with their dogs. Chance of falling into the pool is quite high if not careful. I think things will get better one everything is set up properly?

More pictures after the jump!

The Pool
The shop itself (more like a warehouse) looks neater than before and looks very well-stocked. I think there are quite a few promos going on, so no harm in dropping by to check the place out! 

Why so serious?
*paddle paddle*

Mr Emoface

Stuck in the pool
 There's this slope at both ends of the pool which is quite steep and the dogs can't swim past that. They end up getting stuck at the same place and swim on that same spot. Hahahaha. Hilarious.

Oh and the bath area is quite off the beaten path, located behind the back exit of the pool down a muddy pathway. Had to carry the dogs after their bath to get to non-muddy land to dry them. Hope they fix this soon!

Overall, I'd still come back again because I don't have to pay an entrance fee per visit and it's not sandy like Sentosa. Haha. We'll be back!

Tired trio
Adjourned to Paw Pet-radise (again!)! Had dinner there and ordered a cheesecake for the dogs to share. They loved it to bits. 

Cheese fan
 Tired day!

Over and out like a light.

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