Sunday, October 13, 2013

U Petgamart's New Location!

"Just keep swimming"
Eunice and I brought the doggies out to the new location of U Petgamart's at 27 West Coast Highway. They open officially today! They still have a pool, but it's not built into the ground! Rather, it's above ground and smaller than the previous pool? But looks deeper. Also, the space around the pool is very small to accommodate many people with their dogs. Chance of falling into the pool is quite high if not careful. I think things will get better one everything is set up properly?

More pictures after the jump!

New bed!

Finally 'upgraded' my bed! Old bed was a super single sized, bought when I was in Sec One, which was like..... okay many many years ago (10 years?!!?!?). And springs were starting to stick into my back and gave me some major backache everyday.

Spot all 4 for them
Anyway I've not taken an actual photo of my room yet after I bought new shelves and study table and new desktop last year. Hahahaha. Finally there's more shelving in the room but still very messy. Need more space!!!

And this is at the foot of the bed. My self designed TV console area! Dad went with me to Ikea to pick up the stuff, self transport them home and fixed up all the furniture for me. Yay! Awesome. Now to get a side table.... Hehehehe.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Stats from Blogger's own counter of my blog's pageviews of the week
Every time I see the "Posts" part of the stats, I get a little amused. Every. Time. Hahahaha. The Ikea's Almondy Daim Cake post is damn old la!!!! Quite amazed how you can find my blog. And what's actually popular. HAHAHHA. And they don't sell this cake anymore in SG. =(

And yah, my blog hits not many, so not popular. =/ Hahaha. But it doesn't matter. It just never ceases to amaze me how people actually get here.

Over and out.