Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Coastal Settlement and Paw Pet-radise Cafe!

Went to The Coastal Settlement for lunch with the bf and Mango! Went home straight after work to pick mango up then to pick bf. Heard about the place allowing dogs to dine together at the outdoor seating, so we decided to go since we were headed for U Petgamart at the East side anyway.

The place is near the Aloha Changi area, with very limited parking, but there is a free valet service available! I feel very awkward whenever I have to use valet parking because though it says free, do you tip them? How much do you tip? And the thing was all they did was park into a lot that I could have parked myself, then return me the keys. Hahahahaha. Cos there weren't many cars around already. *awkward*

Anyway, pictures and details after the jump! Also, we went to Paw Pet-radise!

Mussels and Clams Soup!
This was absolutely delicious. We thought it was a portion for one person, but it's actually enough for say... 4 bowls (bowls that they provided) of soup? For $18, I think it's pretty damn good.

Smiling Benedict
Hurhurhur. I love eggs benedict. Fattening, but omg so good. I think Prive has better eggs benny though this is pretty good too. Love the salad dressing.

Fish and Chips
Bf's fish and chips. The fish is very fresh, very crispy. Fries looked like those handcut ones. =)

Btw, I read that the service there was atrocious, but when we were there, the service was pretty good! Maybe because they were less crowded? But the staff was all smiles and service was fast. Food came quite fast too. 

Hipster Mango
Mango was well-behaved throughout lunch, sitting and lying down around the table. Haha I think he was a little upset that he didn't get to eat anything though. =/

Went over to U Petgamart to support a fellow dog owner who was raising funds to help offset some of her dog's medical bills. I figured if it was me in her shoes, I'd like people to help too. And every cent counts.

Get well soon, Caesar!
Headed to Paw Pet-radise (again). Bf's first time there. Hahaha. Reached there at about 6pm, but there was a private party going on till supposedly 5pm, but was delayed. Better check their FB page for any updates about private parties before going down. There was a group who waited 2hrs to be seated. D:

Emo Mia
Tuna Mayo Sandwich
Nachos and Cheese
Mango's Yoghurt Pie with strawberry and coconut flakes
"Why can't I take this off?"
Mango enjoying his pie.
Bf took the above series of photos. So adorable. They know how to open the swing door! Haha. Sent Mango home after that then went to eat prata with bf and friends at The Prata Place. Omg ate the whole day.

Happy day!

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