Friday, September 13, 2013

Random Rubbish

Dog tags!
Finally got the dog tags done after so long. Haha. Didn't put his license number on the back of the tag though. Eunice's are so adorable. Couldn't come up with anything for Mango so his is just plain "Mango". Mango Sago? Mango Pudding? Mango Sticky Rice? Hahahaha. Maybe next one.

The tags were very cheap! Done at the Army Market at Beach Road. $6/tag w 1 line of words, $1 for every additional line.

Stand full of tags
The shop is located on the 2nd floor at a corner. It has stands like the above full of tags, should be pretty easy to find? But there's only 2 font types. Haha. Their tags are the medium sized ones.

Other random stuff after the jump!

Pinnacle dry dog food
Decided to order a new dog food brand, Pinnacle Natural Duck & Potato, for Mango while ordering cat food online. Did some research and found that this brand looks pretty good and is not mad expensive, so I did the switch from Eukanuba. Actually Eukanuba's not that bad so far as Mango seems to be doing well, but I guess any brand you feed him, he can only do better than previously since anything is better than table scraps, right?

Aburi everything is love
Lunch with Manda at AMKhub's Ichiban Sushi. Our love for aburi (seared) sushi knows no bounds. Absolutely love these from Ichiban Sushi.

Chomp Chomp
Then dinner with Mum and Sis on the same night after sushi. Hahaha. Looks like food for 4 or 5 instead of 3. Another bowl of porridge not pictured. 2 huge mugs of sugar cane juice and lychee drink too.

Dinner last Friday night with bf at Brotzeit at Raffles City cos he had craving for pork knuckle.

Pork Knuckle and Bacon skinny pizza
The pork knuckle was huge!!!! And yummy. Pizza was delicious too. Hahaha. I think it's enough for 3people. Even bf who usually finished all the food couldn't eat all. =D 

Erm. And me. Because I don't take selfies usually, so... here it is. Hope you don't get nightmares after this. LOL.

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