Saturday, September 21, 2013

NANAS - Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary

Today we went to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary. Today we went to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary

I drove in to Malaysia!! Omg scary stuff but so glad we finally went!!! I'm a nervous driver so yeah… Especially when we start to lose distance from the leading car. Omg. Kill me. But anyway!!!! The place is awesome!! I want to go back again!!!

Pretty kitty in the mainhouse.

Lynda and her followers. 
There were quite a few 3 legged dogs in the sanctuary. Quite sad but all the dogs seem to be happy? They can coexist quite well with each other, but I guess the huge land area does help to minimise conflict.

Super cute shaved down Chow Chow and a very cheeky Golden Retriever.

We were brought around and introduced to many dogs but I seriously have a big issue with names. Can't remember them.

There are dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, monkeys, etc.

Pretty blue eyes and a 2 legged cat.

The cat house is very big and very peaceful. Think Sis would love to just come here and do work/play with cats but too bad it's in Malaysia and not Sg.

"What are you taking pictures of?"
And erm yes there's a dog in the cat house. Actually, there was more than one dog in the cat house! And they're all unfazed by this. Hahahaha.
Went to look for our aim of the trip and spent the rest of our time there. Drove back based on instructions Lynda gave us on paper and made it home!!! My first driving trip to Malaysia. Hurhur.

Parting shot of a kitty who reminds me of Yukio the cat.

We need to come back again!!!!

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