Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly outing

Oh hi Mango!
Went the Paw Pet-radise again! Regulars now eh. Brought my camera along to take some pictures!!

Pictures at the cafe after the jump!

Mama Eunice with her babies. Seems like this is turning into an almost weekly thing, us going to Paw Pet-radise cafe. Lol. The dogs get a special dinner that night too.

Echo is all, "CAN I EAT YET?!?!", while Mango is all, "if i stare at it hard enough, she will feed me" 

Mentos chillin'. His ears are a darker shade than the rest of his face, so adorable! And he's such a happy doggy. 

Chivas! With his name shaved into his fur as a birthday present from his owner..?!?! Lol I would die in shame if I were Chivas. =/ 

Mango's fur!! Growing out very nicely now. Can't wait for it to get even longer!!  

Mentos, sleeping. Oblivious to the hubbub in the cafe.

We'll be back soon!!! 

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