Sunday, August 04, 2013

Swimming for dogs at U petgamart!

Echo, what's yummy? 
Went to the dog swimming pool at U petgamart's own 10m pool with bf, Mango, Eunice, Echo, Nugget, Eunice's mum and bro. Hahaha. Large group. Lucky Sis gave us (bf, Mango, me) a lift to and from (with Eunice + dogs). Eunice's mum and bro had to leave halfway through. Imagine getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. Hahaha.

They're moving out of the current location at Pasir Ris Farmway 1 by the end of September to 27 West Coast Highway in November this year. Nooooooooooo. The west side is too far away!!!!

The pool
The pool is shallow at the ends and deep in the middle. 

Quite sure I saw too many Golden Retrievers today. Way too many. I can't really tell them apart, but I'm sure the owners can. I wonder if I can tell Mango apart in a Sheltie group. 

3 Shelties in a pool!

Echo concentrating really hard on getting to the other end.

Resistance is futile!!!
Mango hated the water. He kept trying to hold onto the sides on the pool and climb out. Was quite afraid he might break a nail. =.= Echo and Nugget are the same, though Nugget's resistance to water was higher. Although after some time in the pool, Mango could swim a few laps without stopping because he follows me when I walk around the pool. =D So I just walk around really fast nearer the shallow end of the pool and head towards the other end and he will follow. *Achievement unlocked*

Just chillin'

"Yo, wassup"
Bathed them then went to the shop to buy dog food and cat litter while waiting for Sis. =D Fully packed car home. Haha. Happy & tired dogs + us!

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