Friday, August 09, 2013

Picnic on National Day!

Our view
Went for a picnic with bf and Mango at Gardens by the Bay - Bay East. It's across the river from the Marina Bay Sands area, at Tanjong Rhu. The view is amazing!!! And the park itself is pretty huge. Went there to camp for fireworks! 

Mango and our picnic
I'm never buying a picnic mat, ever again. Just buy a disposable tablecloth for parties for less than $1.50 and you don't even have to wash it after you're done!! Just throw it away! I know it's not very environmentally friendly, but when you bring the mat to the beach, the washing of the mat... is a b*tch. 

Our food!
I think we bought too much food. Hahaha. Top left picture of our loot at NTUC before the picnic, though not all was brought to the picnic. Bought a focaccia bread and sliced it into small little squares for the smoked salmon, honey baked ham and egg mayo! Brought tuna mayo but didn't even open the tin. Too much food for 2 people! Haha. The salmon and ham were awesome with the bread! Want it now!!!

Happy Mango


Absolutely love this picture of Mango, taken using my phone. It's now my new wallpaper! Though my knee is visible. Hahaha. He was very well-behaved throughout the entire day! Amazed. Also, he was so patient with a little girl who kept touching him and poking him and trying to walk him. 

Met many dogs during our stay there too, with owners either walking them or being there for a picnic too. Overall a good place to bring your dogs!!! =D


I think the fireworks this year is not very impressive. Felt quite disappointed. But overall, it was a good day! Spent time with bf and Mango at a picnic! Loved it. =D

Fav shot of the fireworks!
Happy National Day, Singapore!

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