Sunday, August 04, 2013

Paw Pet-radise Cafe

Perfect evening =)
Reached home at about 5.30pm after the swim in the previous entry, vacuumed the car, dried Mango, took pictures of the awesome sky, then left the house at 6.15pm cos Eunice came to pick us (Mango and I) up for dinner!! Finally made our way to Paw Pet-radise cafe!!

Paw Pet-radise Cafe's Menu on the wall
The place itself isn't very big, has tables around the sides of the cafe itself and the middle of the place empty so dogs can run around and play there. There's outdoor seating available too.

More pictures after the jump!

"Let me in"

Mango on the left above and Mia their resident dog on the right. Such a calm Husky as compared to the other resident doggy Mentos! Haha. So adorable.

"Did I hear food?"

Mentos (Golden Retriever) and Audi (Japanese Spitz)
These 2 could go on the whole time we were there. Play fighting and all. Non-stop. Hahaha. Watching them makes me tired. =/

Onion Rings

Ham & Mushroom in white sauce
Beef Lasagne with garden greens and coleslaw 
Overall, the food is not tooooo bad. Will try out other items next time.

Love it when dogs lie like that. Apparently Shelties don't do that. Maybe they can't. :O

Porkie Meatballs ($4.90)
Ordered a serving of Porkie Meatballs for Mango. The meatballs were quite big! No salt added, looks like it contains minced meat, carrot, potato and chopped long beans. Not sure if there's anything else in there. Tasted not bad and Mango loved it (and every dog in the cafe was staring).

Finished in seconds! I broke the meatballs apart to cool them down then fed it to him. Eunice bought the Beef Meatloaf ($6.90) x 2 for Echo and Nugget's dinner. They do takeaways! =)

Nugget and Eunice
Mango and I

Mango's bushy tail

Mango embarrassed me by climbing onto the table to get to me while I was trying to make payment. Seriously???!!! =.= My dog isn't very smart eh.

I will definitely come back again.

Paw Pet-radise Cafe
530 Balestier Road Monville Mansion #01-07
Singapore 329857

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