Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dogs' Day Out!

Long day out today with Eunice and our doggies! Click to read about our long day after the jump! Tons of pictures too!

1st stop, K9 Kafe! Went there with the intention of using their pool, but the price was too high.  Also, they don't have a place for you to bathe your dogs after! :( who wouldn't want to bathe their dog after a swim?!?! We were too early for the pool anyway, so we went to the Kafe for lunch!

Caramelised bacon wrapped sausages
The bomb. I order it everytime I come here. Serious. ORDER IT.

Teriyaki chicken chop
I missed this so much. Soft and juicy grilled chicken with a slice of pineapple. Comfort food at it's best. 

Eunice's Mac and Cheese. Not sure what kind of pasta that is, cos that isn't fusili. Haha. Love it, but I still love my chicken more. 

*yawn* "Is she done with the photos yet?" "okok I shall pose once, okay?"

Life with dogs... =D

Love them both to bits!!! Hehehe.

3 musketeers!
Mango with the separation anxiety
Mango seems to have separation anxiety. Ugh. Need to solve this issue. He gets very nervous and jittery and will keep looking for me when I leave him alone. Damn.

Anyhow, we headed to Pasir Ris' Pet Movers to looks for some stuff, saw a Doberman (Eunice went mad), went to U Petgamart a street away to use the pool and do some shopping after. Mad driving today.

Nugget the bipolar dog
Nugget is damn scared of water, but when it was his turn to go in, he jumped into the pool then started panicking. =.= Managed to get him to calm down and swim properly after some time.

So we managed to get Echo to swim continuously without feeling the need to get out of the water like we're trying to drown him. Hahaha. He actually got comfortable enough!!! =D Achievement unlocked. Next achievement is for him to happily jump into the water on his own.

Mango can swim but he doesn't like it, though he will swim laps in the water because I'm walking round the pool and he doesn't want to lose sight of me. =.=

Fake happy looking dog.
Nugget was totally not happy though it seemed like he was in the pic. LOL. Looks can be deceiving.

3 shelties on a table.
This stupid table.... kept toppling over. And the floor is bloody dirty because some places collect water and dirt. So.... Mango and Echo finished bathing first, and fell over once. I carried Echo to the washing station (top right in the pic) to rinse, then Mango followed. Brought Echo back, then brought Mango to rinse. Walked to the washing station to help take some stuff from Eunice, then Mango jumped off the table again to follow me. Rinse again. OMG I HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY TIMES I RINSED HIM UGHHHH. Stupid dog. Lol. Oh then Nugget went onto the table and it fell over. then we changed to another table on less dirty floor. Table fell over. Fuuuuu. Laughing stock of the whole pool. 

OH OH OH we saw AMBER!!! The golden retriever? Hahaha. The one with the really popular fb page?!?! Anyway I think we saw like 20 or more Golden Retrievers in a day.  

Best Friends
They both looked so sad because they finished bathing and were out in the sun after towel drying to try to dry them more since we were not heading home immediately to blow dry.

Paw Pet-radise Cafe
Next stop: Paw Pet-radise Cafe to unwind!

Old man Echo being all adorable.

Another GR in a day of many many GRs!

"Are you buying me some food?"
Mushroom Olio
Tom Yam Seafood Pasta
I loved this!!! Major yummy. No wonder it was sold out the first time we were there.

Greedy bums waiting for meatballs.
Mango is all, "hey that's mine leh"

*stares intently*
"Give me that!"
Who are you waiting for?
All in all, tiring but awesome day. Hahaha. When are we going to the beach?!!

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