Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tanjong Beach @ Sentosa!

"Please don't pick us"
Can't believe it's been 2 months since the first/previous time we brought them to the beach. The weather was really crappy but that also meant that the beach was virtually empty even though it's a Saturday!! Super impromptu trip to the beach. Was supposed to do it tomorrow instead but went ahead today. Haha. Eunice and I brought the 3 musketeers out.

The water was quite cold with the strong winds and the waves were also quite strong because of the rain. I think it scared the dogs a little, when they were about to go into the waters. 

"Swim Nugget, swim!"

*swim swim* "Just get me to shore!!!"
I bought a waterproof pouch for the old but handy Sony T70 for quite some time, but this is the first time actually using it. The day was quite gloomy, so the pics didn't turn out spectacular anyway. But better than no pictures!!

"I'm happy here, thanks! Echo can go next!"


Open Showers a.k.a Dog washing stations
I read somewhere online that there was a "dog washing station" at Tanjong Beach, but didn't find it the previous time because we were nearer the carpark area and didn't venture very far. Turns out there was this open showers area further down the road from the main toilets, where you could rinse yourself/your dogs before leaving. Prefer this place way better than the foot wash outside the public washrooms because there are lesser people and the water stream is stronger.

Wet dogs
Oh, we even saw a Doberman Pinscher dog today!! In the flesh! Talk about fate. Just when Eunice is in love with the breed. Hahaha. Super friendly dog! People should stop stereotyping dog breeds or judge them based on how they look!!

Went to Eunice's place after that to bathe the dogs, then we walked to Bishan Park for dinner at Grub, but they no longer allow dogs!!!! =( Very upset. Ended up at the other side of the park at The Cornerstone instead. Dogs allowed at the outdoor seating area. Not bad service. Staff were very attentive. Tried the Level 2 Buffalo Wings (nice but messy), Eunice had the Mushroom Risotto (not bad) and I had the Pork Belly thing (didn't like it). Would probably return for the buffalo wings and drinks perhaps?

Super tiring day!!!!! Love bringing them to the beach but hate the cleanup!!! The amount of sand is scary.... /O\

Over and lights out! Zzzz