Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monsters University - How it all started

All pics from IMDB
Went to watch Monsters University with bf last Sunday! Couldn't exactly recall Monsters Inc though. Will watch it again soon just to refresh my memory!
Mike and Sully
Mike and Sully's University days and how their friendship started. It was a pretty good movie. Can't reveal much though. Lol. Go watch it yourself!!!

Oozma Kappa
The fraternity! An oddball mix but quite adorable together!
 This has got to be bf's favorite character. LOL. He kind of reminds you of the little boy in UP, no?
Russell from UP
Hahaha. Looks alike, no? 

His accent.... Sounds like Goofy!!! Hahahaha. And his moustache is like they pasted a bat there. =X

Dean Hardscrabble
This is one scary Dean. Hate the sound her feet make when she moves around. *goosebumps*

Anyway, stay till the end of the show!!! Don't leave until the credits have finished rolling!!! 

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