Monday, June 10, 2013

7-Eleven Hello Kitty x Tokidoki

Image from 7-11 website
7-Eleven has this Hello Kitty x Tokidoki figurine thing going on since.. March? April? Anywayyy. I've been trying to buy things from 7-11 quite badly because I wanted to collect stamps. $4 = 1 stamp. I kept losing the stamps cos they are so small!!!! *angry* 6 stamps + $3.90 = 1 figurine or 18 stamps = 1 figurine. Seriously, pick the 6stamps option! They won't be available for long and that means you have to spend wayyy more to get the Kitties. Plus, they are in blind boxes, so you won't know what you are getting, which makes it tougher to buy.

For this entire period of time, I have honestly only managed to get one on my own. Then bf surprised me by buying me the full set!!! *jumps around* So super duper happy!!! Btw this happened on 11th May. LOL. Was too busy/lazy to blog about it. Plus the Kitties were in display cases. Only took them all out just now to snap pictures then put them back in the cases.

MINE *click for bigger picture!!*
Love love love this set!! They are so adorable. =D Thank you bf!!!

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