Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mango's first Sentosa outing!

Unsuspecting Mango
We went to the beach today! Or more specifically, "we" consisted of Kar, Eu, Echo, Nugget, Mango and I. And we went to Sentosa! Tanjong Beach! Mango's first beach! Can you tell that I'm excited? Haha.

Surprisingly, he took to the water quite well. Especially since the only other time he swam was 2-3 weeks ago in the doggy pool at Upetgamart at Pasir Ris Farmway 1. That was a disaster though. I thought he would have had it etched in his mind that he hated swimming. Turns out he was more willing to venture into the water at the beach than at the pool.

Nugget and Echo, both were quite surprising too. Nugget actually seemed to enjoy himself, though there were times where he looked like he had a change of mind/heart and would make a mad dash just to get out of the water, then come back in after awhile. A little schizophrenic huh.

Most pictures taken using Eu's Sony Xperia Z. Her phone is water resistant!! I didn't even get to take my D90 out because of the water and crazy amount of sand.

Swimming swimming swimming!

All dogs were kept on leashes. For Mango it was like 2-3 of those Daiso leashes joined together, didn't have time to go make him a long leash. I saw a 2m leash for like >$12, 5m for ~$16 - my 3 leashes joined (3m?) cost $6. 

You can tell Tanjong Beach is the place to go to if you're bringing your dog(s) to the beach. The place was teeming with dogs. Always keep your dog on a leash though. One poodle kept following our dogs though the owner kept called him/her, but was ignored. You wouldn't want your dog to approach a dog that is aggressive. Please look after your own dog.

"But why can't you swim to me?"
Mango took some coaxing to swim towards me and he was quite puzzled as to why every time he came closer, I moved further. Hahaha. And he tried to climb onto me like a baby once he reached me. 

Wet dog
Lucky we left when we did, because it started pouring on the drive home. Oh and we went to try to rinse them off a little before getting into the car, but boy is sand hard to get rid off from a dog's coat. Especially under a tap that trickled. Try to bring a bucket of some sort and prepare to use tons of water. I think the place we went to try to rinse them off was the small area outside the toilet to wash feet and stuff, but because of the rolling thunder and unfamiliarity of the layout of the beach (plus there were no 'no dogs' signs there, only inside the toilet), we didn't want to risk getting stuck at the beach so we just stood there and tried t rinse off as much sand as possible from them and all our stuff.

When we got to the car it was starting to drizzle and by the time we were on the way home, it was an all out downpour. Haha. Glad we did manage to have fun. The bad part was trying to bathe all 3 dogs in the tiny bathroom, then taking forever to dry them. Arm are aching like mad from that.

Would I do this again? Hell yeah.

Oh and look what we did.....

Stick on eyebrows!
Mango looks nowhere near angry. 
Italian mango!
Mango with curly mustache. Hahahahahaha. 
Half cat?
Eu drew this and stuck the dogs' heads through. Only Mango stayed still enough to snap a picture. HAHAHAH. 

Sleepy Echo

Sleeping Mango

Nugget, still awake.
Energizer battery that is Nugget will not tire out. Hahahaha. I actually can't wait to do this again, but damn the cleanup is tiring.

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