Saturday, May 25, 2013

DBZ & Crystal Jade

Bf's loot. Book 1 sold out, had to pre-order
Went to Kinokuniya to look for books! Also because they had a 20% off sale going on this weekend. Haha. Why not, right? Bf was looking for this particular set of Dragonball encyclopedia (Chōzenshū). Book 1's sold out in SG, so he had to preorder it. It's a reprint from the original (Daizenshuu) in 1995, released this year. Maybe I should start reading/watching it. Hmmm.

Went to Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao for dinner after! 

Spicy and Sour La Mian.
This has got to be the best La Mian out of their entire selection. Everytime I try something new, I'd regret it and end up eating most of bf's, and the portion's too big for us to have one bowl each plus a basket of Xiao Long Bao, so we decided to just order one bowl, and add noodles. Then order other smaller dishes to go along. 

Pork Dumpling with Spicy Chilli Sauce
This. This was so good. The filling was very flavorful, skin was soft, and the sauce of chilli and vinegar was just right. WANT TO EAT IT AGAIN

Xiao Long Bao!
Actually, there were 4... Haha. Took one out to try eating it in a new way!

How to eat a Xiao Long Bao
How to eat a Xiao Long Bao according to Eddie Huang (Fresh off the Boat). Haha. Watch his whole set of  videos! We usually just dip a little vinegar, then bite a hole in the skin to drink the soup inside before eating it right? He said to leave the xlb in the vinegar to cool it down, then stuff the whole thing int your mouth so the skin will burst in your mouth and you get the full flavor of the xlb this way. Turns out, he was pretty right. Hahahaha. Try it.

Clockwise from top left: Spicy Chicken > Original > Vegetable > Black Truffle
We saw the flipchart thing on the table stating they have a promotion for a special set of xlbs, so we went ahead to try them. I think only the black truffle and the original is was worth having. The spicy chicken and vegetable ones were.... too weird for my taste. Bf says the skins look like trash bags (black truffle) and those smaller plastic bags (orange and green) because they looked shiny under the light, unlike the original.

Happy date! =D

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