Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Adoption Day!!

Today marks Mango coming home with us for a full year!! I posted his picture here last year, the day after we brought him home. This is one long post about how I came to have my very first dog. Hahahaha.

Let's see some photos as a "progress report" of sorts, shall we? Buttload of pictures again. Haha. My dog is too photogenic please. But if you really want to know the whole process which I got him, please read.

Swimming at Mutts & Mittens

On a whim, I called Eu up and asked if she was interested to go to the dog pool at Mutts and Mittens. *cue frantic scurrying for vaccination documents* Hahaha. So I managed to get a 30min slot from 3.30pm-4pm. 

The pool area!
The entire place you see in the above pic was ours for 30mins. I would suggest coming earlier to register because they need time to verify your documents. Your dog must have a valid vaccination - not less than 30 days and not more than 12 months before check-in. E.g., if your dog is vaccinated on 1 March 2013, he/she can commence swimming on 1 April 2013.

Anywayyyyy, more pictures of the doggies in the pool after the jump!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!! Anyway this post is a truckload of pictures I took over the entire festive period. Things I do with my pets for some photos. Hahahaha. 

More after the jump!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

U Petgamart's New Location!

"Just keep swimming"
Eunice and I brought the doggies out to the new location of U Petgamart's at 27 West Coast Highway. They open officially today! They still have a pool, but it's not built into the ground! Rather, it's above ground and smaller than the previous pool? But looks deeper. Also, the space around the pool is very small to accommodate many people with their dogs. Chance of falling into the pool is quite high if not careful. I think things will get better one everything is set up properly?

More pictures after the jump!

New bed!

Finally 'upgraded' my bed! Old bed was a super single sized, bought when I was in Sec One, which was like..... okay many many years ago (10 years?!!?!?). And springs were starting to stick into my back and gave me some major backache everyday.

Spot all 4 for them
Anyway I've not taken an actual photo of my room yet after I bought new shelves and study table and new desktop last year. Hahahaha. Finally there's more shelving in the room but still very messy. Need more space!!!

And this is at the foot of the bed. My self designed TV console area! Dad went with me to Ikea to pick up the stuff, self transport them home and fixed up all the furniture for me. Yay! Awesome. Now to get a side table.... Hehehehe.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Stats from Blogger's own counter of my blog's pageviews of the week
Every time I see the "Posts" part of the stats, I get a little amused. Every. Time. Hahahaha. The Ikea's Almondy Daim Cake post is damn old la!!!! Quite amazed how you can find my blog. And what's actually popular. HAHAHHA. And they don't sell this cake anymore in SG. =(

And yah, my blog hits not many, so not popular. =/ Hahaha. But it doesn't matter. It just never ceases to amaze me how people actually get here.

Over and out.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mango's 3rd Birthday!

It's my birthday!
Just so happened that I've got a raging allergy reaction to some stupid wet wipes (but might be sandflies) and stayed home today. And it's Mango's first time celebrating his birthday with us! But did it alone at home cos we don't have many dog friends and Eunice is overseas (Echo and Nugget can't come over). 

Made a little cake for him. By cake, it's not a regular flour and icing cake. More like a meat 'cake'. And I made too much. Should never underestimate the amount of meat $5 can buy you. 

More pictures after the jump!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

NANAS - Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary

Today we went to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary. Today we went to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary

I drove in to Malaysia!! Omg scary stuff but so glad we finally went!!! I'm a nervous driver so yeah… Especially when we start to lose distance from the leading car. Omg. Kill me. But anyway!!!! The place is awesome!! I want to go back again!!!

Pretty kitty in the mainhouse.

Lynda and her followers. 
There were quite a few 3 legged dogs in the sanctuary. Quite sad but all the dogs seem to be happy? They can coexist quite well with each other, but I guess the huge land area does help to minimise conflict.

Super cute shaved down Chow Chow and a very cheeky Golden Retriever.

We were brought around and introduced to many dogs but I seriously have a big issue with names. Can't remember them.

There are dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, monkeys, etc.

Pretty blue eyes and a 2 legged cat.

The cat house is very big and very peaceful. Think Sis would love to just come here and do work/play with cats but too bad it's in Malaysia and not Sg.

"What are you taking pictures of?"
And erm yes there's a dog in the cat house. Actually, there was more than one dog in the cat house! And they're all unfazed by this. Hahahaha.
Went to look for our aim of the trip and spent the rest of our time there. Drove back based on instructions Lynda gave us on paper and made it home!!! My first driving trip to Malaysia. Hurhur.

Parting shot of a kitty who reminds me of Yukio the cat.

We need to come back again!!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Random Rubbish

Dog tags!
Finally got the dog tags done after so long. Haha. Didn't put his license number on the back of the tag though. Eunice's are so adorable. Couldn't come up with anything for Mango so his is just plain "Mango". Mango Sago? Mango Pudding? Mango Sticky Rice? Hahahaha. Maybe next one.

The tags were very cheap! Done at the Army Market at Beach Road. $6/tag w 1 line of words, $1 for every additional line.

Stand full of tags
The shop is located on the 2nd floor at a corner. It has stands like the above full of tags, should be pretty easy to find? But there's only 2 font types. Haha. Their tags are the medium sized ones.

Other random stuff after the jump!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Been too long since I last posted his pictures!! Anyway, some old pictures here...


His stye is no longer there, better already. =)

So handsome
Hehe. Why is my cat so handsome? =D

Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Coastal Settlement and Paw Pet-radise Cafe!

Went to The Coastal Settlement for lunch with the bf and Mango! Went home straight after work to pick mango up then to pick bf. Heard about the place allowing dogs to dine together at the outdoor seating, so we decided to go since we were headed for U Petgamart at the East side anyway.

The place is near the Aloha Changi area, with very limited parking, but there is a free valet service available! I feel very awkward whenever I have to use valet parking because though it says free, do you tip them? How much do you tip? And the thing was all they did was park into a lot that I could have parked myself, then return me the keys. Hahahahaha. Cos there weren't many cars around already. *awkward*

Anyway, pictures and details after the jump! Also, we went to Paw Pet-radise!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dogs' Day Out!

Long day out today with Eunice and our doggies! Click to read about our long day after the jump! Tons of pictures too!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly outing

Oh hi Mango!
Went the Paw Pet-radise again! Regulars now eh. Brought my camera along to take some pictures!!

Pictures at the cafe after the jump!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Picnic on National Day!

Our view
Went for a picnic with bf and Mango at Gardens by the Bay - Bay East. It's across the river from the Marina Bay Sands area, at Tanjong Rhu. The view is amazing!!! And the park itself is pretty huge. Went there to camp for fireworks! 

Mango and our picnic
I'm never buying a picnic mat, ever again. Just buy a disposable tablecloth for parties for less than $1.50 and you don't even have to wash it after you're done!! Just throw it away! I know it's not very environmentally friendly, but when you bring the mat to the beach, the washing of the mat... is a b*tch. 

Our food!
I think we bought too much food. Hahaha. Top left picture of our loot at NTUC before the picnic, though not all was brought to the picnic. Bought a focaccia bread and sliced it into small little squares for the smoked salmon, honey baked ham and egg mayo! Brought tuna mayo but didn't even open the tin. Too much food for 2 people! Haha. The salmon and ham were awesome with the bread! Want it now!!!

Happy Mango


Absolutely love this picture of Mango, taken using my phone. It's now my new wallpaper! Though my knee is visible. Hahaha. He was very well-behaved throughout the entire day! Amazed. Also, he was so patient with a little girl who kept touching him and poking him and trying to walk him. 

Met many dogs during our stay there too, with owners either walking them or being there for a picnic too. Overall a good place to bring your dogs!!! =D


I think the fireworks this year is not very impressive. Felt quite disappointed. But overall, it was a good day! Spent time with bf and Mango at a picnic! Loved it. =D

Fav shot of the fireworks!
Happy National Day, Singapore!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Paw Pet-radise Cafe

Perfect evening =)
Reached home at about 5.30pm after the swim in the previous entry, vacuumed the car, dried Mango, took pictures of the awesome sky, then left the house at 6.15pm cos Eunice came to pick us (Mango and I) up for dinner!! Finally made our way to Paw Pet-radise cafe!!

Paw Pet-radise Cafe's Menu on the wall
The place itself isn't very big, has tables around the sides of the cafe itself and the middle of the place empty so dogs can run around and play there. There's outdoor seating available too.

More pictures after the jump!

Swimming for dogs at U petgamart!

Echo, what's yummy? 
Went to the dog swimming pool at U petgamart's own 10m pool with bf, Mango, Eunice, Echo, Nugget, Eunice's mum and bro. Hahaha. Large group. Lucky Sis gave us (bf, Mango, me) a lift to and from (with Eunice + dogs). Eunice's mum and bro had to leave halfway through. Imagine getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. Hahaha.

They're moving out of the current location at Pasir Ris Farmway 1 by the end of September to 27 West Coast Highway in November this year. Nooooooooooo. The west side is too far away!!!!

The pool
The pool is shallow at the ends and deep in the middle. 

Quite sure I saw too many Golden Retrievers today. Way too many. I can't really tell them apart, but I'm sure the owners can. I wonder if I can tell Mango apart in a Sheltie group. 

3 Shelties in a pool!

Echo concentrating really hard on getting to the other end.

Resistance is futile!!!
Mango hated the water. He kept trying to hold onto the sides on the pool and climb out. Was quite afraid he might break a nail. =.= Echo and Nugget are the same, though Nugget's resistance to water was higher. Although after some time in the pool, Mango could swim a few laps without stopping because he follows me when I walk around the pool. =D So I just walk around really fast nearer the shallow end of the pool and head towards the other end and he will follow. *Achievement unlocked*

Just chillin'

"Yo, wassup"
Bathed them then went to the shop to buy dog food and cat litter while waiting for Sis. =D Fully packed car home. Haha. Happy & tired dogs + us!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tanjong Beach @ Sentosa!

"Please don't pick us"
Can't believe it's been 2 months since the first/previous time we brought them to the beach. The weather was really crappy but that also meant that the beach was virtually empty even though it's a Saturday!! Super impromptu trip to the beach. Was supposed to do it tomorrow instead but went ahead today. Haha. Eunice and I brought the 3 musketeers out.

The water was quite cold with the strong winds and the waves were also quite strong because of the rain. I think it scared the dogs a little, when they were about to go into the waters. 

"Swim Nugget, swim!"

*swim swim* "Just get me to shore!!!"
I bought a waterproof pouch for the old but handy Sony T70 for quite some time, but this is the first time actually using it. The day was quite gloomy, so the pics didn't turn out spectacular anyway. But better than no pictures!!

"I'm happy here, thanks! Echo can go next!"


Open Showers a.k.a Dog washing stations
I read somewhere online that there was a "dog washing station" at Tanjong Beach, but didn't find it the previous time because we were nearer the carpark area and didn't venture very far. Turns out there was this open showers area further down the road from the main toilets, where you could rinse yourself/your dogs before leaving. Prefer this place way better than the foot wash outside the public washrooms because there are lesser people and the water stream is stronger.

Wet dogs
Oh, we even saw a Doberman Pinscher dog today!! In the flesh! Talk about fate. Just when Eunice is in love with the breed. Hahaha. Super friendly dog! People should stop stereotyping dog breeds or judge them based on how they look!!

Went to Eunice's place after that to bathe the dogs, then we walked to Bishan Park for dinner at Grub, but they no longer allow dogs!!!! =( Very upset. Ended up at the other side of the park at The Cornerstone instead. Dogs allowed at the outdoor seating area. Not bad service. Staff were very attentive. Tried the Level 2 Buffalo Wings (nice but messy), Eunice had the Mushroom Risotto (not bad) and I had the Pork Belly thing (didn't like it). Would probably return for the buffalo wings and drinks perhaps?

Super tiring day!!!!! Love bringing them to the beach but hate the cleanup!!! The amount of sand is scary.... /O\

Over and lights out! Zzzz