Monday, December 03, 2012

What do I want....?

Wow. Haven't been updating this space in a damn long while. I guess tons of stuff happened? Haha. Oh and we went to Taiwan! Super fun. I will *try* to blog about it. But I can't seem to find the time to do so. Bleh.

Anyway, Christmas is rolling around the corner and everyone's asking everyone else... "What do you want?" It becomes a very difficult question to answer because my birthday is so near Christmas. And I have also run out of ideas on what to buy for people. 

I suppose the older you get, the more things you've bought for each other, the lesser your choices become for that person. Hahahaha.

And I don't even know what I want. All the things I want, are big expenses. So, not exactly gift material. So what now? 

I can't even list anything out. Shoes? Bags? Clothes? OMG WHAT?!!?! I can't think. 

Omg. Got a scare when I lifted my head to look at the ceiling in a moment of frustration. A lizard on my ceiling. HAHAHAHAHA. =/ 

Oh Sis just flew off for Europe about an hour ago. Bf is going to NZ the day after tomorrow. I want to go on a holiday too! Why do I have so little annual leave days?!!?! Dammit. I want to be able to apply for leave as and when and jet off on a whim. Hahaha. I'm starting to sound like her omg. 

Wow I've typed a chunk of rubbish. Haven't had the urge to blog in such a long while man. Those eggs Benedict have been taking up top spot for too long. 


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