Saturday, December 29, 2012


Oh hello! Hehe.

It's only been a day, so hope all goes well! =D

Thursday, December 13, 2012

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

 Brought grandparents and Auntie to the Zoo today! They've been wanting to see the Pandas ever since they heard about them, so I took a day off and brought them to the Zoo!

Checking out the timings for panda viewing
Tickets are at $20/adult, $10/senior citizen, addition of  $5/pax for unlimited tram rides, and an additional $5/pax for a 15min viewing of the giant pandas.

About the Pandas... Each viewing slot is 15mins, at $5/pax, maximum of 200 people per slot. You have to get there 5mins before the scheduled time to queue up, to walk in to the gallery/forest, check your tickets and give you a brief intro. The thing is, Singaporeans love queuing. Seriously, they started queuing like 10-15mins beforehand. I was prepared to do all the queuing anyway because my grandparents can't walk/stand for long.

Entrance to the Giant Panda Forest
Finally got in! Haha. It was a visitor's birthday so everyone sang him a birthday song. You get free entrance to the Zoo on your birthday!

Red Panda
Grandparents were wondering if there will be any red pandas in there too, because everytime they saw a panda in China's zoo, there was always an enclosure of red pandas nearby! And there they were! 2 red pandas! I think I love them more than the pandas themselves. So much furrier, cuter, more active.

Panda! (don't know which one)
Everyone was clamoring to see the pandas. So crowded. Haha. One of them was awake and pacing about, while the other slept.

Sleeping Panda

Pensive Panda. 

Grandparents and Auntie!
Took the tram around the Zoo. Stopped to take a walk in the rainforest trail. It's cooling, so grandparents wouldn't be too warm.


The mousedeer is so small! I think I scared it by going so close. HAHA

Grandma and a parrot!


Grandparents and the white tiger!
Haha I had fun bringing them around. We left the zoo at about 1-2pm? Didn't walk much of the zoo, only saw the stuff Grandparents wanted to see. Hahaha. =D Fun day!

Monday, December 03, 2012

What do I want....?

Wow. Haven't been updating this space in a damn long while. I guess tons of stuff happened? Haha. Oh and we went to Taiwan! Super fun. I will *try* to blog about it. But I can't seem to find the time to do so. Bleh.

Anyway, Christmas is rolling around the corner and everyone's asking everyone else... "What do you want?" It becomes a very difficult question to answer because my birthday is so near Christmas. And I have also run out of ideas on what to buy for people. 

I suppose the older you get, the more things you've bought for each other, the lesser your choices become for that person. Hahahaha.

And I don't even know what I want. All the things I want, are big expenses. So, not exactly gift material. So what now? 

I can't even list anything out. Shoes? Bags? Clothes? OMG WHAT?!!?! I can't think. 

Omg. Got a scare when I lifted my head to look at the ceiling in a moment of frustration. A lizard on my ceiling. HAHAHAHAHA. =/ 

Oh Sis just flew off for Europe about an hour ago. Bf is going to NZ the day after tomorrow. I want to go on a holiday too! Why do I have so little annual leave days?!!?! Dammit. I want to be able to apply for leave as and when and jet off on a whim. Hahaha. I'm starting to sound like her omg. 

Wow I've typed a chunk of rubbish. Haven't had the urge to blog in such a long while man. Those eggs Benedict have been taking up top spot for too long.